Italian themed wedding

Choosing the theme in which you are organizing a wedding is very difficult but interesting and exciting. Suppose you are a passionate person with a hot temperament who is not alien to the sun. In that case, you should think about organizing an Italian-style wedding or going to Italy in search of adventure. Organization of a wedding in the Italian style. If you decide

Italian Themed Wedding

At a themed wedding, then many questions will undoubtedly arise.

Clothing style, wedding accessories, festive table, contests, and quizzes. You have to solve these and many other questions before the wedding so that the day of the celebration is perfect. Such a celebration is tinged with hot Italian temperament. Italians are a people of passion and deep sensuality. That is why a wedding in Italy is a bright and cheerful event. You can recreate the atmosphere of an Italian wedding or go straight to a sunny country to combine a long-awaited event with a honeymoon. It is better to start preparation in advance to think over all the most minor details.

It would help if you also had an Italian-style wedding script. Without this, it will be difficult enough to convey the atmosphere of the triumph of Italy. The primary colors for wedding decoration in the Italian style are green. In addition, you can take pink, red, or blue as a basis. White is relevant and loved not only at our weddings but also at weddings in Italy. These are the most common colors for various small parts, accessories, and decorative elements. It is very fashionable to use the image of olive twigs. It can be present in the clothes of young spouses, in the decor elements of the premises where the wedding is taking place, and in other wedding details.

The bride and groom's attire should always be the center of attention of the guests. Therefore, her outfit should look beautiful, elegant, and restrained, but at the same time, her dress should be remembered. Italians prefer traditional white dresses. And if you also add a veil or veil, you will create the image of a real girl from Italy. Suppose your Italian wedding is decorated not only with white, but you have chosen a different shade for decorating your wedding in the Italian style. In that case, you can complement the image with bright details of any other colors. Also, Italian girls may opt for a green, red or colored dress.

The groom must support the theme of the celebration at all costs. And if his outfit is combined with the dress of his beloved, it will look fabulous. The groom can wear: Classic suit in black or any other color; A tuxedo; a White shirt; Necessarily - a tie or bow tie. Italians prefer a white shirt and vest over a jacket if the weather is hot. The vest can be chosen so that it becomes the subject of conversation of the guests, as a detail testifying to the groom's impeccable taste. Also, the vest can be very comfortable.

For an Italian-style wedding, retro-style suits for the bride and groom are suitable. The girl can appear in the form of the brilliant Sophia Loren. In this case, the groom can wear a black suit with a neckerchief. If a combination of several colors is chosen for the wedding, the bride and groom can safely use them in their image. The main thing is not to overdo it and use colors sparingly. Some Italian brides can add an Italian mask to their look. An exciting idea follows: why not organize an Italian masquerade wedding? Then all the guests will come in carnival masks.

The result is a wedding celebration in the style of the Venetian carnival. What to wear for witnesses and invitees: It is better to send guests invitations to the wedding in the Italian style in advance. t will help guests narrow down the choice of what to wear at the event and create an additional atmosphere for an Italian wedding. Let your imagination run wild and narrow down the theme of the celebration. Besides the carnival, you can define any scenario for your wedding.—for example, an Italian mafia-style wedding or an Italian patio-style wedding. For example, if you are hosting a mafia-style wedding, then men can wear black suits.

They can be checked, striped, or any other geometric shape. Felt caps and ties will fit very well. Girls at such a wedding can come in beautiful, elegant cocktail dresses and wear fur capes. In the case of a masquerade wedding, you can take care of finding the right outfit for the carnival. Be sure to get a mask yourself. To make the celebration more atmospheric and avoid the fact that someone cannot find a costume, the newlyweds can pre-order carnival costumes or purchase covers that will be distributed to each invitee.

How many little things do you need to consider to organize an atmospheric, vibrant, and memorable themed wedding? In this article, we will discuss all the details that need to be foreseen before one of the most important days in life. If you decide to organize an Italian-style wedding, you must ensure that all the details resonate with each other and, most importantly, with Italy. These and many further details are worth considering: To decorate them, you can use the famous paintings of the Renaissance artists and photographs of the famous landscapes of Italy.

You can order invitations or, if you have enough time for a series of other wedding chores, arrange them yourself. If you remember, at the beginning of the article, it was said that the image of olive branches is typical for an Italian wedding—banquet hall decoration. It is customary in Italy to hold a wedding in the open air or in restaurants with open terraces. It is suitable for our strip only in the summer, and you need to look for a more convenient option in the winter. Regardless of which room you choose, decorate it with fresh flowers.

A variety of fresh flowers must accompany a wedding in Italy. Green is always used in the decoration of the hall. Festive tables can be decorated in the style of bright sunny Italy. The original idea is to seat guests in the cities of Italy. On the seating cards, indicate the guest's name and the town of Ital. Thus, you can put together the entire map of the country. Following the traditions of each city, you can give guests small souvenirs. Tables can be decorated with fruits, fresh flowers, and bottles of Italian wine. You can make a composition from wine bottle corks stacked in a round vase.

They can also be used to decorate guests' seating cards. To illustrate the table, you can use carnival masks, antique candlesticks, vases with olives, olive oil in decorative bottles, and much more—the bride's bouquet. Italian nature is so diverse that you can use absolutely any flowers and arrangements in your wedding bouquet. The smell should be bright and original. Asters, lilies, roses, or orchids with cornflowers are perfect.

An olive tree twig will add an extra zest to the bouquet. Treats for guests. Italy is, of course, delicious dishes of Italian cuisine that convey the temperament of the inhabitants of this sunny country. Italians love pasta and spaghetti, seafood delightful wine. You can make cheese snacks, tuna canapes, or shrimp canapes. Italians know a lot about desserts, so you won't be able to avoid the abundance of desserts on your festive table.

It is one of the essential elements of a wedding table. The celebration ends with a wedding cake. The traditional Italian dessert is Tiramisu. You can order Tiramisu in the form of the Colosseum or just a beautiful cake in any design. Decorate the cake with olive sprigs, which you can make with sugar and ea. You can order a cake in the shape of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which will look very Italia. In Italy, it is customary to serve coffee for dessert.

You can offer guests delicious Italian ice cream with a cup of coffee—a wedding script for a wedding in Italian style. The writing is needed so that there are no awkward pauses so that you can calmly relax in the atmosphere of the theme in which the wedding celebration is planned. Organize contests in the style of Italy and quizzes. Make a selection of Italian music. The script can be absolutely anything. Use the hand for The Godfather movie or a big wedding in Italy if you like.

What couple does not dream of leaving beautiful photographs after the wedding that will remind their whole life of this wonderful day? It is best to conduct a photo session for an Italian-style wedding in a park or a flowering garden. You can also have a photo session in carnival costume. Whatever your idea, this day should be remembered for a long time and leave many beautiful memories.

Suppose you do not have the opportunity to organize a wedding in Italy, for example, a wedding on Lake Com. In that case, you can quickly transfer the atmosphere of this sunny country to our latitude. With the correct details, script, decoration, and costumes, you can create an authentic Italian holiday that you and your guests will remember for a long time.