Irish themed wedding ideas

Ireland is a unique country with a rich and interesting history, where established traditions are sacred. The wedding ceremony is preceded by a long preparation (sometimes up to two years!) Is taken very seriously here. And this is a special meaning - a couple in love has enough time to test their feelings. An Irish wedding in a classic style is

Irish Themed Wedding Ideas

usually held to the accompaniment of bagpipes or harps, and all guests are happy to perform various national dances, including jig and rill.

Irish coffee, supplemented with delicate cream, is always present on wedding tables. For weddings held during the gloomy fall season, Irish coffee is a godsend. The wedding menu includes many different fish dishes, as well as a very popular pot stew here. As for fish, it should be noted that for the local population it is of particular importance.

The Irish people have a belief that by eating the Salmon of Wisdom, the hero of the Finn ethnic group can acquire world knowledge. As elsewhere, in Ireland, weather conditions make a significant difference to the plans of a couple in love. In this country, long torrential rains are not uncommon. Therefore, there is a well-established tradition in order to attract good clear weather on a wedding day. For this, the statue of little Jesus, which is found in almost every home and is considered a family heirloom, is placed in the garden on the eve of the wedding.

An equally popular tradition that is mandatory for an Irish wedding is the following ritual, which has been carried out since the eighteenth century. This Claddach ring (in other words, the Claddach ring) is a piece of jewelry in the form of two hands holding a heart, and a crown is placed above the ring. As a rule, natural stones are placed in the heart or in the crown. At the same time, you need to know that newlyweds cannot choose their own rings: this does not correspond to tradition. Claddagh rings can only be gifted to each other.

It is considered a very good omen if such rings are given by someone from their relatives. It should be noted that designers also offer other jewelry made in this style (for example, earrings, and cufflinks). As in other countries, in Ireland, they try to protect newlyweds from the influence of evil spirits and the "evil eye". For this, those invited to the wedding periodically ring small bells - the gentle sounds they make drive away evil spirits. Sometimes at weddings guests are given bracelets decorated with small bells.

Another widespread tradition is a small thing made of iron hidden in the folds of a newlywed's wedding dress. This could be, for example, a safety pin. In ancient fairy tales, fairies who love everything beautiful and exquisite are of great importance. And what could be more beautiful than a young bride? The newlywed should not take her legs off the floor even in the dance so that the fairies do not kidnap her. There are certain rules for dancing: the newlyweds choose the music and are the first to start dancing, then (when half of the song has already sounded) they are supported by the friends of the newlyweds in pairs.

Then follows the dance of the bride with her father and the groom with her mother, and after that everyone can dance. The color scheme for a wedding event … is usually chosen by the newlywed. A wedding organized in emerald color looks very rich and sophisticated, however, one cannot but attach importance to even the smallest details. The guests' outfits should match in color. For example, the belts of the groom's friends can be the same shades as the bridesmaids' outfits. Many young people prefer a kilt (knee-length skirt for men) as an outfit, complemented by a shirt and jacket. A beret is used as a headdress.

The style of the groom's wedding dress should overlap with the dress of the chosen one, therefore, his suit is selected only after the wedding image of the bride has been determined. It can be a classic outfit, complemented by an emerald, green shirt and tie. Some people prefer a suit made in the main green color, complemented by a tie and a crisp white shirt. In order for the bride's image to match the Irish style, the girl's head can be decorated with beautifully braided braids (this may not be traditional weaving, but something special). To decorate the hairstyle, you can use flowers or emerald satin ribbons.

The traditional veil can also be replaced with some other headdress. You can complete the look with a wedding bouquet of delicate wildflowers or choose a composition that matches a dress or other wedding accessories. Roses, lilies of the valley, and tulips with green petals are often used. Brides who want to comply with old Irish traditions choose snow-white dresses with inserts, colors: noble emerald, blue, or light blue. The shoes of an Irish newlywed must be closed in order for her family life to develop happily and richly.

A traditional wedding … involves as many different shades of green as possible. This greatly enlivens the celebration, making it cheerful and bright. To make Irish-style wedding invitations, you also need to make the most of Celtic patterns and beautiful green-brown shades, and, of course, clover - this plant is a symbol of the country and is very often used in the heraldry of Ireland. Emerald color can brighten any wedding. The most popular and beautiful gemstones have this color. Emerald symbolizes tranquility, well-being, mobility, and prosperity.

The color of the gemstone emphasizes harmony with nature and energizes guests. For a wedding event, you should choose two or three colors that match each other. Suppose for the main one - emerald, the following shades are suitable, depending on what time of year the wedding is taking place: - Silver color can successfully complement the emerald color at a wedding held in the cold wintertime.

A good combination will be cream tones, ivory, and ivory;

- for the warm spring and summer seasons, bright yellow and orange colors will be an excellent combination, you can experiment with a mint or azure shade;

- autumn weddings will be decorated with a combination of emerald and ochre, as well as gold or chocolate. In addition to emerald, green, deep green, pistachio, or malachite can become the main color.

The best place … for a wedding celebration will be the knight's hall, however, if you use your imagination, you can decorate the usual room to match this style: decorate the walls with coats of arms and models of weapons, choose the appropriate drapery in selected (for example, emerald) colors. And, of course, there must be live music at the celebration, otherwise, it will no longer be an Irish wedding.

In order to organize an Irish-style wedding celebration, you must, first of all, feel the spirit of this amazing country, get acquainted with its history, and read Celtic myths. A wedding in emerald tones and amazing color combinations will not leave indifferent any of the guests. The main thing is that the combinations are chosen correctly and that there are not many of them. The decent emerald color can only be freshened up a little.