Most beautiful Instagrammable places in Dubai

Dubai is a picturesque place. When visiting the city, be sure to make hundreds of awesome photos. Instagram is the most popular social network for posting photos. So, you’ll definitely post some photos on your account. Visit the following places to impress your subscribers and gorgeous photos.

Most Beautiful Instagrammable Places In Dubai UAE

Miracle Garden

This is the best and most famous place to take awesome photos. Every inch of the territory is decorated with floral arrangements, greenery, and flowers. Photos made there are doomed to be impressive. There is a floral arch shaped like a heart where all girls take photos. A sculpture of an airplane will cause breathtaking emotions.

A beach with Burj Al Arab

Go to the beach and ask your partner to take photos with Burj Al Arab in the background. Shines of a setting sun, and a light breeze from the ocean will serve as the perfect natural decorations.

Desert & Camel

Buy a camel ride in the desert, wear a traditional Arab headdress, and have a ride in the heart of the desert. Upon making a stop for having rest, arrange a photo session with a camel in the desert.

Bluewaters Island

This is an artificially created island where royal hotels and restaurants are located. They may serve as a luxurious background for status photos.

An observation deck

The place is good for not only observing the city from the bird’s eye but also taking instagrammable photos.

Al Seef district

This place is famous for keeping its Arab coloring. Narrow winding streets, cozy traditional cafes, and museums keep the atmosphere of the city. Here, you can plunge into another reality and make stylish photos.

La Mer beach

This is a true oasis in the heart of the Jumeirah district. Tourists will find white beaches, vibrant art objects, and the Laguna Waterpark there. In short, it has everything you need for the perfect vacation photos.


Arrange a street photoshoot in the Downtown area. This is where the city’s main symbols are located. These are the Dubai Mall, the dancing Dubai Fountain, and the world’s tallest building - Burj Khalifa. Residents and visitors like to pose in front of a picturesque bronze sculpture of Wings of Mexico.

Dubai Design District

This is a creative urban space created for designers and artists. Graceful buildings and wide avenues are perfect for a fashion photoshoot.

Yacht voyage

Arrange a luxurious photoshoot aboard a yacht with picturesque landscapes, skyscrapers heading for the sky, and breathtaking nature.