How to throw the sweetest baby shower

A baby shower is an excellent opportunity for relatives and friends of a pregnant woman to express their love, attention, and social participation to her. This is when invitees share the joy of the upcoming event and exchange positive experiences. It will help a pregnant woman stay calm and in a good mood until birth. What is most

How To Throw The Sweetest Baby Shower

important, the party is the very time when a future father and all guests learn the gender of a baby.

This event is memorable for future parents. They want to arrange an unforgettable party. Note the following tips to make the sweetest baby shower.

1. Air balloons are an obligatory element of such parties. Pink and blue balloons are scattered around the flat. Each color denotes a girl or a boy. Fill balloons with helium, collect them in bouquets and let them hang in the air.

2. To decorate the baby shower, use balloons of different shapes with funny inscriptions; tissue paper balls; wreaths made of cardboard, wrapped in multi-colored fabric and ribbons; collages of cut-out photographs and drawings; paper flags; photos of a pregnant woman and her family; pictures and figures with children's prints; children's clothes hung on clothespins; satin and nylon ribbon bows; multi-colored cubes and children's toys.

3. A creative photo zone will be a great place for funny photos. Decorate it with flowers, ribbons, and baby images.

4. The place where a future mother will sit is equipped and decorated with care. It can be an armchair, a comfortable sofa, or a rocking chair.

5. There should be drinks, appetizers, snacks, and desserts on the table. However, a cake with a colored filling inside is the main attribute. The color of the filling is the answer to the question of who the future parents are waiting for. A pregnant woman cuts the cake and shows all guests the cutting. Her husband gets the first piece of cake and finds out the answer.

6. Another way to reveal the secret is to fill one of the balloons with blue or pink confetti. A husband should burst the air balloon, and the confetti color will be the answer.

7. How to entertain invitees? Karaoke, table games, puzzles, looking through photo albums, and dancing are good options. Some creative ideas:

- Give cards with words to guests. The requirement is that the letters in the comments are confused. Players should guess what was encrypted—examples of expressions: infant, lullaby, romper, breast pump, crib, motion sickness.

- Small items related to a baby are put in an opaque bag. Guests try to guess what is inside by touch.

- Guests write their wishes for the baby on a colored sheet of paper and, together with a small souvenir, put them in a box that is further sealed. When the baby turns three years old, parents take out this box and read all those kind words guests wished before the baby was born.