Ways to stop being jealous

Many couples can’t avoid jealousy in their relationships. Although some people treat this feeling as the demonstration of love, for others, it can seriously damage a healthy relationship. The thing is that there are different levels of jealousy. Some people are reasonable enough in the feeling. However, the other group crosses the barrier and gets mad because of jealousy. In such cases, the feeling can make relations toxic or even destroy them. Thus, let’s see how to fight the feeling and stop being jealous.

Ways To Stop Being Jealous

1. The stage of self-acceptance and analysis. Before you start the fight against a destroying feeling, you should accept that it makes you toxic in the relationship and analyze your behavior. If a person doesn’t realize that the feeling has swallowed the mind, it is impossible to change the situation. First, everyone should accept the truth.

2. Define the reason for being jealous. The next stage is defining the cause of such behavior. You should analyze why you feel jealous. Do you feel uncertain about your partner? Are you afraid of losing your beloved? Do you think that you’re not as good as possible?

3. Improve self-esteem. When you’re done with self-analysis, you are ready for action! If the cause of jealousy is your low self-esteem, then change your style, appearance to become a self-confident person.

4. Cure your soul with work. When you’re engaged in a certain activity, you have less time to think about negative topics. Jealous thoughts are not born in your mind.

5. An intimate talk. This is a very helpful practice. Those couples that practice such talks have healthier relationships. It is important to speak out all disturbing points and discuss them with your partner. After all, having an intimate talk helps increase trust between sweethearts and make relationships franker.

6. Learn to choose the right words and thoughtful interpretation. This point implies that you can say one thing differently. For example, “You must be at home at 9 p.m.”. This sentence sounds tyrannical. However, you can say the same in a different way. “I worry about you when you come back home late. Please, be at home not later than 9 p.m.” In this case, you show your love, care, and trust. Thus, it is important to choose the right words.

7. Give vent to emotions. If you feel that you’re close to blowing up, find some activity that will help blow off steam. For example, it can be an extreme sport, karting, riding, hiking, or whatever. The main thing is to experience positive emotions that will replace negative ones.