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How to rent a car in Dubai

Car rental is a convenient option for those tourists who plan to travel a lot in Dubai. Rental offices offer cars of different classes, including supercars. Let’s find out the peculiarity of renting vehicles in the UAE.

Documents Required

How To Rent A Car In Dubai

Before renting the vehicle in the city, make sure to collect all the required permissions and documents for this, namely:

1. International Driver License. This rule doesn’t apply to the citizens of the UK, Canada, the USA, and the countries of the GCC region. Visitors from other states must have a valid IDP.

2. A credit card. As a rule, customers pay for services with the card. Cashless payment is preferable since all other expenses and fees will be automatically charged from the card.

3. Insurance. In most cases, rental offices provide insurance services for an additional fee. Yet, its cost is higher there. Thus, it is better to get it in advance.

Upon collecting all these documents, go to a rental office. Give documents to a manager. An employee will enter all the required information and offer to select the desired car. When you’re done with the choice, you’ll have to sign a contract, where all the terms and conditions are defined.

Obligatory Tips to Consider before Rent

1. Before signing a contract, read all clauses, paying particular attention to costs, fees, and all sorts of commissions.

2. Note that most offices do not allow leaving the borders of the country, so think about the route for your trip in advance.

3. At the time of handing over the keys, carefully inspect the car for scratches, chips, and dents. Make sure that all damage is reflected in the vehicle’s acceptance certificate. Inspect the inside of the car and check all electrical appliances in the cabin, including the air conditioning, for smooth and thorough operation.

4. Look through the traffic laws since they may differ from the ones accepted in your country. Note that right-hand traffic is in the UAE. Speed limits are specified in km/h, not in miles. Note that the country is characterized by strict abidance to traffic laws. Thus, do not try to break them; huge fines are provided for this.

If you’re looking for extreme driving, the city can offer many options, such as a Safari tour in ATVs, racing track with professional tracking cars. For such offers, go to specialized companies, but not an ordinary rental agency.

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