How to plan your wedding budget?

After the engagement, the bride and groom face a lot of questions and problems. When to set a date? Who should I invite? Where to invite? Where can I get the funds? Parents put a lot of pressure on many engaged people, telling about numerous "aunts" and "uncles" who must be invited.

How To Create A Wedding Budget For Your Dream Day: Everything You Need To Know

Under the pressure of all these issues, more and more practical young people decide to completely abandon lavish and expensive celebrations, preferring small weddings with a limited number of people, and this solution has many advantages:

• It's cheaper, and budget plays the most important role in wedding planning. It is impractical to spend a considerable amount in one day. Many people prefer to spend this amount on improving living conditions or on a romantic trip.

* Do not call a crowd of relatives who are announced only at family celebrations. There is an opportunity to spend this important day only with those who are truly dear. It's much more comfortable this way.

• It will be much easier to organize a budget wedding for 10 people in a quiet place, there is less chance that "something will go wrong". No need to keep a bunch of little things in your head, and you can focus on your loved one.

Having weighed all the pros and cons in modern realities, young people more and more often decide to simply apply. But since you still want to share the joy of creating a new cell of society, you can consider what options exist for a small wedding.

- Mini party at home. This will be one of the most budget options. You can invite parents from both sides, cook delicious dishes, or order delivery from the restaurant. It does not require any special costs.

- Mini-celebration in the restaurant. It will require a little more cost, as it will be necessary to think through the menu in advance to calculate the cost per person, plus the ordered drinks, but there is more space for guests. And here you can show imagination: you can invite a photographer to capture touching moments of congratulations and gifts, you can order musicians for a limited time for entertainment, you can decorate the table at will. Or you can give up all this, just having dinner with loved ones. It will be cheaper than renting a whole room in a restaurant and entertaining dozens of guests for hours.

- Wedding in nature. Ideal for those who celebrate a wedding in the summer. Perhaps someone has a cottage or a country house. But you can consider renting a house for a day, now you can find hundreds of such offers on the Internet for a reasonable price. You can even hang decorations at will. If the option of renting a house is not considered, a picnic on the banks of a beach or lake would be a good option. The only negative is the unpredictability of the weather, it may just not be lucky.

- Movie wedding. If the newlyweds and their friends are fans of cinema, then the option of going to the cinema is an actual option. And if there is a cinema in the city with small halls where you can invite all your friends, you can have a fun holiday watching the selected picture. Young people can buy tickets and send them to guests instead of invitations. The bride and groom will enjoy the movie and socialize with friends. Isn't that the essence of the wedding?

- Wedding via Skype. A non-standard wedding idea, but it will be the most budget option. Ideal for those who have little time to organize a wedding and no desire to have a party. The bride and groom can simply send an invitation via social networks, and on the appointed day, after registration, sit in front of the webcam with a glass of champagne and accept congratulations from loved ones, sharing their emotions.

- Buffet. Now, in all the variety of services offered, a buffet can be ordered anywhere: from the park to a floating transport, to the countryside. In almost all cities, you can hire a ship and order a buffet for it. This form implies a small number of treats, so it is possible to invite more friends to a mini-party. Positive emotions are provided.

A small wedding celebration will save a large amount of money and will not limit the dress code and mandatory attributes of the wedding. You can hold such a wedding in a T-shirt and jeans. From toastmasters, wedding planners, photographers, emcees, it is quite possible to refuse or order them for a few hours. Everything is at the discretion of the bride and groom.