How to plan a wedding in 3 months

Planning such an important event is not a quick and easy task. It’s great when a couple has 6-8 months, or better a year for the organization but frequently, many engaged partners face reality and have to prepare for the holiday in 2-3 months.

How To Plan A Wedding In 3 Months

Such time frames are rather tight. It is important to arrange the preparatory process correctly in order to save time and manage to complete all procedures. This article will help me understand how to cope with all tasks efficiently and quickly.

1. Determine the budget. The starting point of wedding planning is the budget. Decide how much money you want to spend on the event. All other points of the wedding preparation depend on this issue. Guests list, outfits, a venue, an outside registration…

2. Choose the date. When considering this point, remember that “magic” and “beautiful” dates are extremely popular and are reserved long before the celebration. Besides, venues and other services are more expensive on such days.

3. Discuss the style. As the budget and the date are determined, speak about the style. You should decide whether you want to have a traditional wedding or some unusual options. Nowadays, such options as a tropical wedding, Boho or casual celebration, or a black and white party are popular.

4. Find a wedding agency. It is a wise step for couples who have little time for the organization. A specialized company or a team of designers will make a significant part of the work instead of you. It really saves time. Shifting this issue to professionals allows plighted lovers to give due attention to other parts of preparation, for instance, wedding outfits.

5. Choose the venue. If you’ve already found the team that will decorate your wedding venue in Dubai, it is the right time to find the place itself. Discuss the point with each other to decide what type of celebration you want to have. It can be a buffet party, an outdoor banquet under a canopy, a hall in a cafe or a restaurant, etc. Speak about an outside registration.

6. Wedding outfits. When the venue is chosen and is given to specialists who are responsible for its decoration, partners can spend time finding the best wedding attire. A bride goes to a bridal salon and fits dresses. If your wedding is in 3 months, it is better to buy a ready-made garment. Individual tailoring with decor may be delayed and your apparel will not be ready for the deadline.

A groom can choose a classic suit or more casual clothes that can be further worn in everyday life (for example, a checkered jacket and stylish pants). If you have a themed wedding, then you can choose other options which are suitable for the party.