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How to plan your wedding according to your horoscope

People are divided into two groups: those who believe in horoscopes and those who do not. If you’re a horoscope-addicted person, then this article will be useful for you.

Wedding Planning According to Your Horoscope

We’re going to find out what criteria a bride should keep in mind if she wants to plan the wedding based on the horoscope.

1. A month. According to the horoscope, every bride has favorable and unfavorable months for the wedding ceremony. The best month is chosen based on the Zodiac sign of a couple. Besides, every Zodiac sign patronizes a certain month. According to astrologers, these signs impact the future fate of the couple.

2. Decoration. Wedding decoration should also be chosen based on your Zodiac signs. For some of them, flowers are preferable while others should choose candles or dry natural compositions. For instance, Cancer is associated with silver and blue colors, while Scorpion prefers dark red, red, scarlet, and all fiery shades.

3. Wedding outfits. Besides your personal preferences, some brides believe that a perfect wedding dress can be chosen according to the Zodiac sign. For example, Jupiter patronizes Sagittarius, so for the brides of this sign, it is advisable to choose a luxurious voluminous garment, richly decorated with finish (embroidery, rhinestones, sequins). At the same time, Venus, the patroness of Taurus, prefers gentle and restrained attire that emphasizes the bride’s timidity and nature.

4. A wedding bouquet. In order to find the perfect wedding bouquet, some brides choose it according to the date of birth, since it is known from ancient times that it mostly determines a person’s traits. Thus, for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, it is recommended to make the wedding bouquet of orchids, violets, pink roses, lotus, forget-me-nots, and white lilacs.

For Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, the wedding bouquet made of peonies, red roses, gladioli, and carnations will be the best option. For mysterious and romantic Cancer, Scorpion, and Pisces can be considered lilac, calla lilies, terry chrysanthemums, and carnations. For independent and self-confident Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, wedding bouquets of daisies, red poppies, asters, yellow or white tulips, red roses, pink carnations, and white chrysanthemums are the best choices.

5. A wedding venue. The venue may also be chosen when analyzing your Zodiac sign. For example, freedom-loving Aquarius is fond of open areas and outdoor celebrations, while conservative Capricorn or Taurus will love a cozy indoor venue.

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