How to plan a fairy tale themed wedding

If you want to be creative and make a themed wedding, the first step you should do is to discuss the theme. It is important to decide what theme your couple wants to have, as depending on it, the different decor will be chosen.

How To Plan A Fairy Tale Themed Wedding

When you’re done with this part, there are two ways: you can either go to a specialized wedding agency or do everything on your own.

The first option is the easiest one. The agency is specialized in organizing such parties. It always has premade offers and partners are sure that everything will be perfect. In addition, a bride and a groom should not spend time and nerves on this matter. They can distribute their effort to other wedding details. Thus, it saves time. But such services may be quite expensive. The second option seems to be cheaper (but not always). If you are not looking for easy ways and decide to decorate a wedding hall yourself, possess your mind. It is a laborious long process. Here, let’s see how it works:

1. Choose materials for decoration. Depending on the chosen theme, you can choose candles, flowers, and dry natural materials as a base. For example, for a “Boho” wedding one needs craft and natural elements. If you want to organize a “The Great Gatsby” party, then make an accent on glass elements, sequins, gloves, hats, etc.

2. Develop a dress code. Any themed party requires a dress code. Make a note in wedding invitations so guests do not have difficulties in choosing an appropriate outfit for your event.

3. Construct arches and photo zones.

4. Make floral arrangements on tables. As you see, it’s not so easy. That is why we advise addressing specialists. This step will allow avoid lots of bustles. Instead of doing extra work, you’ll be able to concentrate on choosing your outfits, a wedding menu, a venue, etc.

If you arrange a themed party, think over outfits. Remember that in such cases, newlyweds won’t have classic garments. Their apparel or outfits should be in harmony with the chosen theme of the wedding. For example, if it is a Boho style, then the bride will probably have a light casual dress. On her head, an ordinary ribbon will hold her hair. The groom’s outfit will be of a different color or even style. The main rule is to combine all parts of decoration and wedding details so that they form a single style. The bride’s bouquet, newlyweds’ outfits, guests’ apparel, the decor of the wedding – all these elements should match each other and have something in common. If you work with the agency, discuss the preferable theme with them, choose colors and decorative elements, and then, depending on them, add similar shades and details to your outfits.