How to plan and host a bridal shower everyone will love

A bridal shower is a tradition when all the girls, and bridesmaids gather before the wedding and celebrate the end of a free life. In general, a women's company is something, because when girls get together, dress up and do everything according to the rules and without.

How To Plan And Host A Bridal Shower Everyone Will Love

Today I will give you tips on how to spend a

bachelorette party before the wedding. For example, it will be a party, now it remains only to decide how many people and where the event will take place.

1. Arrange a pajama party for your friends on Saturday so that you don't have to get up for work. Buy a bunch of sweets, and champagne and arrange a pillow fight. Have fun to the fullest, because you will soon be an obedient wife.

2. Go on a picnic with tents and a guitar. Collect more food and warm clothes, let your best music play all day, and the men's companies in the neighborhood envy you.

3. Get together and make yourself T-shirts with the words "I'm a bridesmaid” and "I'm a bride." Walk around the city in these T-shirts, drink champagne, and ride rides. Rent a limo and relax as you've never rested before.

4. A bachelorette party in the spa is a great idea, make a common mask for your friends. Steam each other with a broom and make iced tea. After the bath, it is not advisable to drink alcohol, it is harmful to the heart.

5. Bachelorette party in your kitchen, let all your friends bake delicious cakes or pastries. Arrange a tea party in aprons and sweets.

There are many more ideas, I did not offer you nightclubs and restaurants - it's too common. But still, you can consider renting a yacht, going to the desert camp, or make a beach event in Dubai. This day should be unforgettable because the bridal shower before the wedding is the last meeting with friends while you are not married.