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How to plan a budget destination wedding

A destination wedding is a sweet dream of every bride. But not every bride dares to develop this idea as such weddings are considered to be extremely expensive. Their cost is the main disadvantage of such events.

How To Plan A Budget Destination Wedding

Nevertheless, if you know how to save money on some points, such a wedding becomes quite real! Let’s find out where you can save money and how to make the wedding on a budget:

1. Discuss your preferences. A classic ceremony includes a lot of stages that can be useless for newlyweds. Establish what points are crucial for your couple and which ones can be omitted. For example, is it necessary to hire live musicians? Do you want to have a full-scale wedding catering or just a buffet party? Determine what parts of the festive day are obligatory for your couple.

2. Do not make the guest list too large. It’s obvious that not everyone will agree to go abroad for celebration. After all, you can invite only the dearest relatives and the closest friends. For some couples, it is even an advantage as those people who are not invited won’t be offended. As you have less guests, you can save money on accommodation and servings.

3. Choose the off-season for the wedding. Think over the date if you want to get a cheap option. If you choose the off-season, then all prices will be much lower.

4. Buy tickets in advance. As the date is set, it’s time to bother about tickets. 2-3 month before the trip, they will be cheaper. While if you buy them 4-5 days before the trip, prices will be 2 times higher.

5. Choose the location. Although many couples dream of such popular resorts as Bahamas, Bali, Barbados, there are plenty of picturesque places that cost less. No, it doesn’t mean that you should give up your dream. You can still plan the wedding on a sea shore or in a valley but choose a small town (instead of a large one) or a less-popular resort on sea shores (which will be located few kilometers from a well-known one) where prices are not raised due to a resort’s prestige.

6. Find a wedding package. You can choose a wedding agency or a company that offers a wedding package. This way, you can save money as you’ll get a premade pack of services, which will be cheaper than buy all these services separately.

As you see, it is quite possible to make a destination wedding of your dream on a budget. Thus, your wedding won’t be more expensive than a traditional one. At the same time, you’ll get the event you’ve been dreaming of all your life.

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