How to pick bridal makeup look

Makeup plays a significant role. It is able to either underline the beauty of your face or make you look elder or ugly. Thus, it is extremely important to understand what makeup is perfect for you. Usually, brides do a test makeup before a wedding to make sure that on a wedding day, their faces will be perfect and pretty. Let’s consider what points it is necessary to keep in mind when choosing appropriate makeup.

How To Pick Bridal Makeup Look

1. Type of appearance. In stylistics and fashion, all people are divided into four color types. These are autumn, summer, winter, and spring. There is a further division, but this one is the most general. According to this theory, depending on the color type, women should choose different makeup, hairstyle, and clothes. In our case, it is necessary to pay attention to the face.

• Spring – Warm and light shades.

• Summer – Light and cool colors.

• Autumn – dark tones.

• Winter – contrasting and dark colors.

Let’s consider an example. A woman who has a “winter” appearance can choose brown, red, or burgundy lipstick. In other words, any dark and saturated color, while a “summer” or “spring” woman will look ridiculous with such lipstick.

Thus, the first important step is to denote your color type. There are numerous online tests that help you do it. If you know your color type, it means that you will be able to correctly match clothes and colors. This skill will come in handy when speaking about makeup.

2. Face type. As you’re done with a color shade, you can proceed to determine your face shape. It is important to know the type of your face to correctly apply blush, highlighter, powder, and shadows. It is no secret that makeup is able to change your face and the way it looks like. Thus, if properly applied, it is possible to visually change some facial features.

3. Hairstyle. Do you have a forelock? This is extremely important as a forelock drastically changes the face and its appearance.

4. Wedding outfit. When your appearance is studied, it’s time to discuss a wedding outfit. Tell your makeup artist what image you want to have, and what type of dress you chose. Some brides want to look romantic, delicate, and elegant, while others prefer making accents on their eyes and lips and choose more bright makeup. This point depends on a bride’s vision of herself. How does she want to look at the wedding?

As you clarify all these points, you can proceed to test makeup. Do not neglect this procedure because, otherwise, you can have the wrong makeup on a wedding day, and you won’t have a chance to correct it. So, it is better to try it in advance.