How to create your wedding guest list

Drawing up the wedding guest list is probably one of the biggest challenges among all wedding preparations. Below are several tips that will help you get a clear idea of whom to invite to your wedding, without compromising neither the general atmosphere of the event nor your wedding budget.

Wedding Guest List

Tip #1: Forget the prejudices. Most couples feel obliged to invite, say, Aunt Mary (because she’s a close relative), or Doug and Sally (because you were guests at their wedding four years ago). And it doesn’t matter that Aunt Mary lives abroad and has never even met your partner, while Doug and Sally are not exactly your best friends and have got in touch rather rarely all these years. Remember that you have no obligations whatsoever as to whom to invite. It’s your wedding day, and you have the right to see only the dearest people with whom you would like to share these special moments and emotions. Don’t waste your time (and money) on the people who play no particular role in your life.

Tip #2: Divide all guests into categories. Sure enough, family members from both sides always get invited to weddings. But there are other groups of guests whom you may think of sending invitations to: friends, colleagues, former university group mates, people from the charity initiative you both are engaged at, etc. It’s all totally up to you and your partner but make sure you invite at least two people from each category so that everyone felt comfortable enough even not knowing other guests.

Tip #3: Keep the balance. Each person has a different level of social activity, so it may happen so that you’re already thinking of 15 friends to invite while your second half has only a couple of best friends and 2-3 colleagues to choose from. Try to make a fair guest list and to include a more or less equal number of guests from both sides. Thus you’ll facilitate the process of drafting a seating chart and ensure balanced communication during the wedding dinner.

Tip #4: Partners and children. The majority of wedding guests are normally represented by couples (both married and not). So you should determine in advance whether your fiance’s boss will be able to come with his wife and whether your best friend will be allowed to bring along her boyfriend. You’re free to provide for no “+1” option but make sure that the same rule applies to all your guests (regardless of the degree of your acquaintance with their partners). Children can also be either allowed to attend the wedding or not. In the latter case, you may think of adding to your wedding invitations a polite but clear note that the ceremony is going to be 16+, so the kids would better stay home with their grannies.