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How to look good in your wedding photos

Traditionally, brides feel nervous about their wedding photos. They are afraid that the most important photos will be imperfect. Below, read tips to remember before your wedding photoshoot.

1. Train your smile in advance in front of a mirror.

How To Look Good In Your Wedding Photos

2. Smile with your eyes too. Smile naturally. To do this, you can place the tip of your tongue on the back of your upper teeth. This will relax your face and make your smile more natural.

3. Think of an amazingly happy moment and look just above the camera. A happy smile and a wistful look will make you beautiful.

4. Tilt your head at a slight angle to the camera, and your face will look slimmer.

5. If you have a big nose, lift your chin slightly.

6. If you have a thick neck, try to put your face forward to stretch the neck a bit.

7. Keeping your chin up slightly will help look younger.

8. You can use your hands to hide the problem of a double chin.

9. Look into the camera as if through it, it will add depth to your gaze.

10. Take off your glasses to avoid glare and reflections from the flash.

11. Long hair and long earrings will visually lengthen the neck.

12. Try to close your eyes, then open them right before a shot. This will add expressiveness to your look and help avoid blinking.

13. A classic pose to look good in a photo: turn your body three-quarters towards the camera, put one leg and one shoulder forward closer to a photographer.

14. If possible, it is better to stand and not sit in photographs. Check your posture, and keep your belly toned!

15. If you sit, cross your legs. Your thighs and calves will look slimmer.

16. Put one shoulder forward, it will add flirtation, emphasize your figure, and you will look pretty.

17. When making group shots, don’t stand in the end as it will make you heavy-set.

18. Avoid dark elements near your face (blacks, navy blue, brown, dark green). This will take away light and attention from your face. As a result, your face will look “blurred” with highlighted skin imperfections.

19. Jewelry and bijou reflect light, add colors, and make photos more interesting. Choose something bright, colorful, solid, fragile, or massive, depending on the situation and the theme of the photoshoot.

20. Avoid taking pictures in bright and direct sunlight, as this will cast a shadow on your face, make you squint, and photos will be unclear. An evening is the best time to get amazing photos.

21. Do not try to show your body in uncomfortable poses. Just be yourself, and let your mood take over your body.

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