How to keep your wedding makeup fresh all day

Makeup is one of the most important details of a wedding image. Such crucial points as the quality of photos, videos, and a bride’s appearance depend on it.

Tips For Long Lasting Bridal Makeup

Every bride wants to look gorgeous during the whole celebration day. Nevertheless, no matter how tough the bride’s makeup would be, due to the influence of biological factors, any cosmetics are prone to losing their properties. However, there are some ways to keep it fresh as long as possible. Here they are:

1. Do not try to save money and choose a cheaper option. Professional cosmetics meets the necessary quality requirements. Moreover, famous manufacturers and companies are interested in promoting their products and do not want to spoil the reputation. Thus, the quality of their cosmetics is high.

2. Start using a facial scrub a month before your wedding. You’ll be sure that in a month your skin won’t peel and makeup will be smooth.

3. Do not use oil rich creams in summer. Give your preference to ones with high sun protection.

4. For brides with oily skin, it is recommended to choose a water flatting gel.

5. Use a special makeup base in order to keep your make up free till the end of the celebration. It will hide all skin imperfections and provide maximum durability.

6. In summer, it is better to use eyeshades of liquid texture for bridal eye makeup. They stay on the eyelid much longer and practically do not roll. The only minus: such shadows quickly freeze, so a specialist should be skillful and be able to put it in a few minutes.

7. In a hot summer season, specialists advise using waterproof cosmetics (a mascara and an eyeliner). Neither tears nor sweat will wash away the bride’s perfect wedding makeup.

8. It is also recommended to choose a light and liquid foundation, and apply it only with a special sponge or brush, because the fingers, in contact with the skin, only add greasiness. Before applying a sponge, wet it in a flatting tonic.

9. To keep a chosen lipstick for as long as possible, follow the steps below: first, pencil in lips with a pencil for contour, and then shade all lips with the pencil. Brush the lipstick, pat it dry with a napkin and apply again. Lip gloss is best applied after the lipstick is completely dry. A remark: during the wedding day, it is advisable to tint lips with the gloss but not with the lipstick. A life hack: the lipstick will keep on lips much longer if you first hold it in the refrigerator.

These tips will help keep your wedding makeup fresh as long as possible and look stunning during the whole wedding day.