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How to keep wedding costs down

A wedding is not a cheap celebration. It implies lots of expenses. But this concerns not only plighted lovers but also guests. There is no doubt that the greatest part of all costs lies on the shoulders of the organizing side. But still, guests also spend money on such events. Thus, let’s consider how to make your wedding less expensive for your guests.

How To Keep Wedding Costs Down

1. Tickets. When you plan your wedding, think about the way your guests will be able to come. Do you want to arrange a destination wedding? Or maybe your relatives live abroad? Consider the possible ways to reach your location and tell invitees about the cheapest ones.

2. No dress code. Do not use a dress code at your wedding. Thus, every guest will be able to choose clothes that fit better, costs cheaper and is enough festive. Otherwise, attendees will have to spend extra money on useless outfits.

3. Organize a rustic or other outdoor celebration. The wedding at a restaurant implies a certain level of formality. Although you do not have a dress code, still, your guests will have to put on suits and evening or cocktail dresses. If you choose an outdoor rustic wedding, then it is possible to replace suits with stylish shorts or trousers and a comfortable T-shirt for men. Women may wear a beautiful dress that they will further be able to put on in everyday life.

4. Make a list of desired gifts. If there are invitees who do not know what to present, you can make a list of inexpensive gifts you need. If some guests do not want to present money or are afraid of choosing the wrong gift, such a list can help. Although in some cases, such lists are negatively welcomed. Thus, it is better to discuss this option with your guests.

5. Think about a location with accommodation. If you have a lot of nonresidents among guests, you should think over their accommodation. In such cases, it is better to choose a wedding venue with accommodation. Thus, your celebration can be outdoors or on the first floor. And sitting rooms and bedrooms are on the second. You will not have to leave the venue at the end of the celebration, and its rent will be lower.

If you celebrate the wedding in a city/town, then it is better to find accommodation near your venue.

6. Find cheap hairdressing and beauty salons. Look through salons of your city in advance and pick up those that have a reasonable ratio of the level of services provided and prices.

The wedding is an important event for everyone who is engaged in it. When it comes to planning the celebration, it is necessary to think about not only a venue, outfits, and other organizational issues, but also your guests, their comfort, and financial stability.

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