How to keep children entertained at weddings

A wedding is a family holiday. It is likely that many guests will come with their families, sweethearts, and children. Thus, it is important to think about ways to entertain kids at weddings.

How to Keep Children Entertained At Weddings

The boldest decision is to hire an animator who will be responsible for entertaining children. Usually, these are clowns, people dressed in costumes of animals and fairy tale heroes. Special stuff will play with little invitees and won’t let them get bored and naughty. Thus, either adults or kids will have fun and spend time with pleasure.

If there is no animator at a wedding, mothers can arrange their kids in groups and spend time with them in rotation. For example, every mom or two moms will entertain children for half an hour.

There are several ways to entertain children at weddings:

1. Give them a responsible task. Kids treat every task as an entertaining game. If you ask them to do something, they will be glad to do a certain task. For example, ask them to scatter rose petals in front of newlyweds, or hold a bride’s bouquet or a pillow with rings.

2. You can create a stage for children where they will have an opportunity to show their talents. For example, an animator can encourage kids and ask them to go on stage. Every child will be able to show his/her talent in front of guests.

3. Every child is fond of drawing. Give them pencils or chalks and ask to draw a picture for newlyweds. Let every child draw the main heroes of the holiday and present these gifts later.

4. Group games. Divide kids into two groups and make two teams – a team of a “bride” and a team of a “groom”. Create relays and quizzes. You can play a lotto, have a round dance around newlyweds and much more.

5. Active games. Balls, ropes, hoops, for the smallest children – spatulas, buckets, and a sandbox. You can make a disco with their favorite songs. If a wedding is held outdoors in summer, if possible, rent a trampoline or an inflatable pool!

6. Make a wedding photoshoot with children. The majority of children are fond of posing.

7. Arranging a cinema with cartoons will be an excellent idea of how to spend a wedding evening. Children will be tired by the end of the day. If you switch on a cartoon, they will attentively watch it and behave well.

As you see, there are plenty of ideas to make your holiday interesting even for the smallest attendees. However, it takes time and effort. Thus, it is still better to hire an animator and let him/her entertain your children using one of the above-mentioned ways.