Best ways to get from Dubai International Airport to city

Before going on vacation to Dubai, consider how you will get from the airport to the city. All the most optimal options are provided for visitors. Tourists can choose between:

- A bus;

Best Ways To Get From Dubai International Airport To City

- A metro;

- A taxi;

- Car rental;

- Hotel transfer.

Going by bus

Buses at Dubai Airport depart from all three terminals to different parts of the city. By choosing this type of transport, you will spend from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours on the way. Fortunately, air conditioners are installed inside. This is the cheapest way to get from the airport to the city centre.

According to the rules, the entrance to the bus is only through the front doors, and men should not take seats in the front rows.

As for payment, it is not allowed to buy a ticket from the driver. You should buy a Nol Card in advance. It is sold through vending machines or public RTA ticket offices. Its cost depends on the type of card. They are valid in the subway, bus, tram, and water transport. The cost of each trip is calculated depending on the number of zones visited.

To pay for the trip, you need to lean the card against the reader at the entrance to the transport salon. When the beep sounds and the green indicator lights up, the process was successfully completed, and you can go through.

Going by metro

There are 2 branches. A red one is almost straight, and a green one is winding. They intersect only at two points. It takes about 10-30 minutes to overcome the distance from the subway to the centre of Dubai. The working hours of the subway also have their own characteristics. It is open for passengers from 5 am to midnight every day, except Friday when it starts working from 1 pm.

Taking a taxi

The quickest way to get to your hotel is by taking a taxi from Dubai Airport. Airport Taxi and Emirates Taxi offer their services. Payment is made in dirhams; however, each car is equipped with a POS terminal, which allows you to pay for the service not only in cash but also with any card. The cost of a Dubai airport taxi is higher than public transport, but comfort costs more.

Renting a car

Near each terminal, there are counters where you can rent a car. This service is preferred if you plan to move frequently around the city, but you do not want to depend on the public transport schedule.

Having decided that you also need a car rental at Dubai airport, you can go to the website of the selected company and fill out a form. Indicate the country and city, as well as the points where you are going to pick up and return the vehicle. Then select the end dates, times, and your age. After that, the system will show the available options.

Having sent a request for the selected car, wait for a confirmation voucher to be sent to your email address. Print it out and show it to the employee at the rental office along with your driving license and credit card.

Ordering Transfer

Hotel transfers in Dubai are another affordable service that travelers actively use. It is convenient because you can pre-order a car. It is also possible to choose a car from the presented assortment, from an economy class to a space in minibus. This ensures that a driver will meet you upon arrival.