How to determine your bridal style

Every bride wants to look great on her wedding day, to be the most beautiful. Remember, this is your day, all the eyes of the guests will be turned on you. You have to be irresistible. Think over your image to the smallest detail - from dresses and shoes to hairpins and manicures. Take care of the beauty of your skin, and make an appointment in advance for beauty treatments at a beauty salon.

How To Identify Your Bridal Style Based On Your Personal Style

Preparation for the wedding begins with choosing a dress. A well-chosen wedding dress will emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages. Jewelry that matches the silhouette of the dress is important. Shoes should be not only beautiful but also comfortable. You can take ballet flats with you, they will come in handy on a walk and during a banquet. The beauty of the bride is in the eyes sparkling with happiness. Make-up will help to emphasize this shine. Carefully choose a wedding stylist, think over the image with him in advance, and make a trial hairstyle and makeup. Make a plan to visit a cosmetologist, massage therapist, manicure, and pedicure master. Visit a hairdresser for haircuts, perform hair care procedures, selecting a shade for coloring if necessary. A month before the wedding, do a facial cleansing to even out the skin tone, and remove black dots. Go to the dentist. Treat your teeth and do a professional cleaning. Start visiting a solarium or make a high-quality instant tan the day before, but self-tanning is not recommended, since it can lie unevenly and leave traces on the dress. Follow a balanced diet, and drink more water – this is very important. Take vitamin E - the vitamin of youth, with its regular use, the skin becomes smoother, and hair and nails are strengthened. Spray your face with thermal water daily. Healthy sleep is the key to a good mood, well-being, and freshness of the skin. A week before the wedding, a trip to the SPA will help you relax and unwind. Cleansing and moisturizing procedures will tone the skin, and give it a radiant and healthy appearance. Make a face mask, relaxing full body massage. Update your hair color, and adjust the shape of your eyebrows. In 3-4 days, do depilation, manicure, and pedicure. Wipe the face and the area around the eyes with ice cubes of chamomile and green tea. For smoothness of the lips, make a scrub of honey and olive oil - the lipstick will form an even layer and will last longer. The day before the event, have a good rest, get enough sleep, and do not drink alcohol, as well as salty, smoked, fatty foods. Give your skin and hair a rest – do not use decorative cosmetics and styling products. On the morning of the solemn day, take a bath or an invigorating shower. Apply a fragrant body lotion. All preparations are completed. Relax and enjoy the holiday. Following these recommendations, you will feel like the most beautiful bride, you will be confident in your irresistibility because your well-groomed figure and face will shine with health and youth.