How to choose the perfect bridal look?

After the marriage proposal, it's time to plan a wedding celebration. The success of the event largely depends on a careful approach and the right choice of wedding looks for the bride and groom.

How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Look For You

You may have thought through all the details of the wedding as a child, but in reality, you need a correct and well-planned approach to implement all the ideas. The theme of the celebration directly affects the wedding image and the entire design of the wedding. A harmoniously matched color scheme combined with suitable accessories will create a beautiful, stylish and memorable image.

Trying on any image, the bride must take into account all the features that relate to her appearance and figure. There is no need to rush in this case. It is recommended to try on several different "bows" and styles to understand which one is the most suitable. Styles and images In the wedding fashion industry, there are three main styles for a wedding image: Classic Romantic Informal Classics are eternal.

The traditional style implies a white fluffy dress or A-line dress. All dreams of a ball gown and a princess dress can be realized in a classic way. Multi-layered, with a high or low waist, will allow each bride to feel like a heroine of a fairy tale. The A-line dress is sewn from a light flying fabric and emphasizes a delicate image. A strict and closed style is suitable for conservative girls. For inspiration, it is recommended to watch royal weddings, for example, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. A veil and shoes (closed classic pumps) are selected to match the dress. The main approach when choosing this style is minimalism and elegance. Jewelry should be chosen with the same stones and from the same material as the dress. The classic option is earrings and a necklace, you can add a bracelet. A tiara or crown in a classic image will be a harmonious addition to a wedding outfit. Natural makeup in pastel and nude tones will emphasize the beauty of the bride, and a strict high hairstyle will complete the classic look. In manicure, it is better to give preference to a French or beige.

Romantic style is suitable for gentle natures. A lace wedding dress made of light flowing materials creates an airy and romantic image. The style of the mermaid dress perfectly emphasizes the waist and hips. A Greek-style dress allows you to feel like a heroine of ancient myths. Perfect for a wedding in the garden, in the park or by the sea. This style goes well with a long or medium veil. But now the veil is not a mandatory attribute of the wedding look A romantic style is perfect for a wreath or flowers to decorate the hairstyle. With a variety of curls, low bunches are ideal options for a wedding. From shoes, you can choose shoes, sandals, and sandals for a Greek wedding image. Flowers, cute manicure patterns, and long earrings will perfectly fit into the overall "bow". A dress for the bride in an informal style can be anything. It depends mainly on the theme of the wedding celebration. Short, retro-style, colored, asymmetrical length, wedding suits in the format of "skirt plus top", "trousers plus top". Everything that your imagination is capable of. To date, the model of a white bodice with a colored bottom, cape dresses, and transformer dresses (with a detachable long skirt) is gaining great popularity. For several years, wedding dresses with slits have confidently held leadership positions. An open back, lowered shoulders, a shoulder strap over one shoulder – such interesting details can create a beautiful stylish image of the bride. For the record.

Choosing one or another look take into account, first of all, the features of your figure. Not every model fits a certain type of figure. What is she, the bride of 2022? Stylish, bright, sophisticated. It doesn't matter whether your image will be in classic, romantic, or any of the informal styles, you need to remember that the current trends of brides in 2022 suggest minimalism, femininity, and correctly placed accents.

For miniature brides, the main task is to visually increase their height. High heels and a high waist will be the best helpers. Tall. Such brides are advised to avoid high hairstyles and elongated silhouettes. "Plus-size". The main goal is to emphasize feminine forms and hide obvious flaws. A corrective corset, sleeves, and a well-chosen silhouette will make a princess out of any girl. The main rule of a wedding image is not to overdo it with accessories. No extra massive jewelry. It is important not to forget about comfort, because you will need to walk all day in the outfit. The image of the groom A harmonious wedding image of the bride is impossible without a suitable image of the groom. Choosing a suit for the groom for the wedding, show no less responsibility than when choosing a dress for the bride. First of all, pay attention to the fabric. It should not look too simple and even cheap. A classic strict suit will suit almost any wedding style. The vest is an interesting and elegant detail that complements the image of the groom well. Depending on the wedding theme, you can experiment with the colors of shirts, socks, and bow ties. For an informal wedding, the scope of imagination is wide enough, and, based on the scenario, colorful costumes, unusual hairstyles, and catchy details are also allowed. A man's wedding image can be very creative. A neckerchief is an excellent alternative to a tie and adds sophistication to the image of the groom. Cufflinks, tie clips, everything should be in harmony with the general "bow". Recently, sneakers in a man "s wedding image have been very popular. This dilutes the rigor of the image and brings a certain mood. However, sneakers are unacceptable for a wedding in a classic style. Only thin-soled shoes matched a couple of shades darker than the color of the trousers. For the record. Remember an important rule, the color of a man's belt, shoes, and watch strap should be the same. The modern wedding fashion is very diverse and very loyal. Each couple can create their own unique image that will suit only them. Outfits should match the character of the newlyweds and harmonize with each other.