How to choose the right wedding venue

The choice of wedding venues is the most important part of the preparation for the wedding ceremony. This is an extremely responsible and difficult step because the atmosphere of celebration fully depends on the place, where the wedding is held. Let's consider what criteria should be evaluated when choosing the right wedding venue:

How to Choose the Right Wedding Venue

1. Estimate your wedding budget. Before rushing headlong in search of a wedding venue in Dubai, estimate your capabilities. First of all – the maximum budget that you’re ready to spend on the location. This amount should include rent of the venue and all associated fees, salary for the serving stuff, and, if necessary, additional equipment.

2. Make a guest list. Decide on the number of guests – the budget itself will depend on them. It is important to note that nowadays, small weddings with the closest relatives and the best friends are popular. Do not try to jump above your head and when compiling a list of potential sites, immediately consider your finances.

3. Choose the wedding style. It is advisable to decide on the wedding style even before searching the venue. After all, the wedding is not just delicious food and good service, it is also a festive atmosphere and decor. In order not to later invest money in the decor, covering all the shortcomings of the venue and redesigning the general appearance of the hall, choose it immediately, based on the criteria of the chosen style.

4. Assess a menu and service. Of course, the wedding menu should be one of the most important points when choosing the venue. Do not forget to evaluate food quality and taste, as well as the quality of provided services. It is important to find out serving weight. Usually, 1.5 kg of food (without drinks and bread) is required for one person during the banquet.

5. Check facilities. When you look through the provided options, pay attention to the available facilities. Make sure that the venue is equipped with working air conditioners (this point is especially relevant for summer weddings) and smoking areas, convenient parking, as well as enough serviceable toilets.

6. Decide on a banquet’s format. It is important to choose what format of the event you want to organize. Are you going to hold a buffet party or sit down at the tables?

7. Evaluate the potential venue capacity. Check whether the chosen room is able to accommodate all your guests. Remember that there should be enough place for not only tables and chairs but also dances and an entertainment program.

If you take into account all these points, you’ll easily find the right venue for a celebration.