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How to choose a fall wedding dress

If a couple decided to arrange the wedding in fall, now it comes the time when a bride can turn on all her imagination and start choosing a pretty wedding dress.

How To Choose A Fall Wedding Dress

But sometimes, it is problematic to find the right dress. And it happens due to the following reason: a fall weather tend to change several times a day and the bride should be ready for these changes. In this article, we consider how to choose the best fall dress and feel comfortable during the whole festive day.

1. The dress style. The dress style is the first thing the bride should think over. Nowadays, there is a great choice. So, it is important to decide what type of the dress you want to have. It can be one of the following options:

- A “mermaid” style;

- An “Empire” or “Greek” garment;

- A princess-like apparel;

- A minimalistic ordinary dress.

The bride chooses the style depending on her tastes, preferences, nature, character and personality. When the point is done, she can proceed to the following step – color selection.

2. Color. Fall is rich in colors and brides can take advantage of it. Organizing the wedding in fall is a great opportunity to step away from a traditional white color and try something new and original. Brides can experiment with the dress’s color, choosing either delicate shades of pink, lilac, smoky gray, powdery and pink or bold colors like burgundy, mustard, crimson, emerald, purple, bronze.

3. Length, sleeves, and cut. Keep in mind that fall is a cold season so it is advisable to choose maxi dresses with long sleeves. If you consider such dresses conservative, it is possible to balance the dress with an open back. If you want to have a sleeveless dress, do not forget to add a cape, a bolero, or a cardigan. The dress’s cut is chosen according to such features as: the bride’s figure, her face oval, general physique.

4. Fabrics. In fall, it is recommended choosing garment from a dense and warm fabric. It is important that the fabric holds its shape and do not let air in. Pay attention to apparel made of brocade, satin, organza, taffeta.

5. Additional elements. In fall, it is necessary to take into account the weather. In order not to tremble like an aspen leaf, foresee such details of your wedding outfit as:

- A wedding dress with long sleeves;

- Lace capes and boleros;

- Insulated drape from satin fabric and trimmed with fur;

- Long gloves.

Such details will not only warm the bride up but also diversify wedding photos and provide more opportunities for unusual ideas.

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