How to choose cheese for your wedding

Tables with cakes are no longer surprising, so other tasty ideas appear. The latest innovation is the cheese table. It will become the center of the buffet for guests during the celebration dinner, while they think about what to do and what to eat.

How To Choose And Present Cheese For Your Wedding

There are hundreds of articles on the net with ideas for designing such a table, but there is no information on how to compose it. We decided to tell in detail what kind of cheese to choose for the wedding, what varieties to surprise guests, and where to buy them so that it is tasty and not too expensive. Hard cheeses. Cheese is divided into hard, soft, and moldy cheeses. For a wedding, it is better to take hard varieties or some types with mold, they keep their presentation on the plate longer, do not get your hands dirty, and tolerate heat better. Emmental. The same photogenic cheese with big holes that mice prefer in cartoons. This Swiss cheese has a delicate fruity-floral aroma and a sweet taste. Parmesan. A brittle extra-hard cheese that guests love so much. Previously, shops sold parmesan from dozens of European producers, now the local farmers have learned how to make it. Place grapes, pears, walnuts, and confiture next to the parmesan on a cheese plate.

Gruyere. Cheese for a wedding, which many do not think about, but in vain. Usually, this variety is used for fondue, because it melts well, but it will not be lost on a plate in the company of other cheeses. Its taste is sweetish, with light hints of nut.

Blue cheeses

Choose a cheese that is not too soft with a noble blue mold. The more blue veins, the more astringent it will be. Take a soft cheese, they have a creamy taste and a piquant aftertaste, and the pieces keep their shape on the plate without spreading. For such varieties, serve grapes and flower honey.

White-mold cheeses often get dirty, so we suggest you enjoy them during your honeymoon, but not at the party.

Soft cheeses

Mouth-watering, lingering, and often flowing, soft cheeses are best left for another day. If you really want to, take Camembert or Brie, but let the waiters put them on a plate in small portions. Camembert lying in the heat is a pitiful sight. Most other types of soft cheeses spread on the plate and often smell specifical, they are not suitable for a celebration. We also do not recommend serving goat's milk cheeses (soft or hard), not everyone likes them.

If you want something unusual, take a look at experimental cheeses. They are not in all cities, but if you find them, grab a couple of pieces: Cheese with pieces of truffle. Expensive, but also delicious, especially if you adore this delicacy. Cheese with other additives. You can find anything here, the ingredients depend only on the imagination of the cheesemaker. Delicious additives: fenugreek, pistachios, Italian herbs, and lavender. Cheese in wine. It is aged in wine for several months, getting a fragrant crust and a pronounced taste of the drink. Take this cheese to a wedding, guests will love it. Cheese sweets. Yes, there are such people too! Although they are called sweets, they are primarily cheese mixed with sweetish fillings. The taste is unusual, like about half of those who have tried it.