How to choose bridal wedding gloves

Wedding gloves are an additional element of a bridal image. However, it is necessary to pay particular attention to their choice if a bride decides to add them to her wedding outfit. What should you know when choosing wedding gloves? It is important to take into account the following criteria:

How To Choose Bridal Wedding Gloves

- Style of your dress;

- Features of your figure.

Wedding gloves can be of different lengths and styles. They can be long or short, with decor or without, lace or embroidery, with open or closed fingers. Let’s consider each type.

Short gloves will be perfect for retro weddings. If you want to create a “The Great Gatsby” party or a retro diner, short gloves with restrained openwork will be the best option. In addition, if your dress has a trapezoidal or straight silhouette with elbow-length sleeves, short gloves will also match such styles.

Classic elbow-length gloves are perfect for any sleeveless wedding dress or a dress with short sleeves that barely cover shoulders.

When you decide what length you want to choose, it’s time to think about gloves with open or closed fingers. Each of them has its pros and cons.

Gloves with closed fingers look elegant. But a bride can encounter a number of difficulties during a reception and wedding ceremony. Moreover, her manicure will be hidden under gloves, and her nails should be rather short. However, if your wedding is in winter, early spring, or autumn, such gloves will be the best option.

Mitts (gloves with open fingers) also look graceful. But they do not cause difficulties when you have to sign documents or take a glass of Champaign.

Gloves will demonstrate the beauty of your hands. Thus, it is necessary to correctly choose a model. If you have full hands, it is better to choose short gloves or slightly elongated without decor. Remember that embroidery and other decor add volume and make your hands visually heavier and larger. Thus, this option is preferable for brides with thin hands.

To draw attention to your beautiful thin wrist, choose gloves that end right on the wrist zone. If you want to hide a full wrist, the length of gloves should be a few centimetres above the wrist.

Decor on gloves is a tricky question as it significantly influences the length, shape, and volume of hands. Thus, be careful when choosing gloves with lace or embroidery.

It is quite difficult to correctly choose gloves for a wedding image. But if you manage to do this, be sure that you’ll look sophisticated and restrained. Wedding gloves add grace and elegance to your wedding outfit.