How to avoid having a boring wedding

Every couple wants to create a unique celebration that all guests will remember for years. Every wedding is memorable but if you manage to impress invitees and show something extra ordinal to them, then be sure that even over the years, they will say: “Do you remember that wedding where….” Thus, in this article, let’s consider the most creative ideas that your guests will admire.

How To Avoid Having A Boring Wedding

1. A chef. Invite a chef who will create eatable masterpieces in front of invitees and let them taste dishes. It is a win-win option. This person will be an excellent entertainment for guests. Most attendees will be glad to observe how a chef cooks food. For example, they can cook sushi or some season desserts and explain how they do it. It will be exciting and unusual.

2. A cartoonist. Hire a person who will draw a funny caricature for every guest. Such a simple drawing will be an excellent memory of the event. Moreover, no one will leave your wedding with empty hands. Apart from a wedding cake or sweets, newlyweds should present something to each invitee. Such funny pictures will be the perfect option; everyone will love this idea!

3. A magician and a comedian. Call an illusionist or magician to entertain guests. Everyone loves magic tricks, so this is a win-win option for an unusual celebration.

Instead of a toastmaster, you can invite a professional comedian to fill in the pauses and make attendees laugh at witty jokes.

4. Instant photo device. An indisputable advantage of the instant photo device at the wedding is that each guest will be able to print their photos and take them for memory immediately. It will be one of the most popular zones at your wedding. Moreover, you can install it right before a beautiful arc or decorative photo zone so everyone can get awesome festive photos.

5. Workshops. To arrange some workshops is one more excellent idea of how to entertain guests. For example, it can be a dance workshop where guests will learn how to dance the waltz or some modern choreography. Or you can combine several points and hire a chef to teach attendees how to cook some dishes. Thus, you have a workshop on cuisine skills. You can choose any activity you want but also consider guests’ preferences and choose the most suitable options for your audience.

6. Fruit/cocktail bar. Please leave a separate table with cutlery, food, and drinks, where attendees will be able to create their desserts or cocktails. Everyone will choose the necessary products and create a unique dish/beverage.