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How much food do you need at your wedding

A wedding is not only a solemn registration of marriage, a photo session, a walk, gifts. It is also a banquet. To make correct calculations and provide invitees with enough food and beverages, you need to take into account both the number of guests and their age.

How Much Food Do You Need At Your Wedding

When composing a menu for a wedding banquet, you should make sure that all the necessary products are purchased. The tables should contain:

- cold appetizers;

- salads;

- cold cuts;

- sauces;

- fruits;

- cheeses;

- fish dishes;

- hot dishes;

- beverages (either hard or non-alcoholic ones) - without gas, sugary drinks, juices.

How to calculate the weight of food for one person? To make an accurate and correct calculation of food for a wedding, you need to know the generally accepted food consumption rates, the number of adult guests, and the number of children present at the celebration. The accepted norms are as following:

- Cold and spicy appetizers – a portion weighing at least 250 g.

- 150 g of a cut is quite enough for one person. If there are pieces of various cheeses on the platter, then 100 g is for one adult.

- Salads are served in one big dish. One person should have at least 250 grams of each salad.

- Hot meat and fish are the main dishes on the menu. They are served after the empty salads and appetizers have been removed from the table. Hot dishes are served either in portions (kebabs, chops) or sliced (baked piglets, fish, poultry). One serving weighs 250 grams per adult. This is enough for satiety and the absence of overeating.

- After hot dishes, it is the turn of serving desserts. Despite the fact that the main wedding dessert is cake, tiny cakes, mousses, fruit and berry jellies, fruit salads are also included in the menu. Each serving for an adult is 150-200 g. This also applies to the wedding cake.

- Fresh fruits are served on multi-tiered stands or in large vases. Each adult should have at least 200 grams of fruits.

Taking into account these figures, calculations are made.

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