How long to date before marriage

There is no answer to this question. Every couple is unique. There is no one recipe for all people. It’s stupid to say: “You should get married if you are together with your beloved for 2 years”. There are couples where a man proposes after the first date. Along with this, some people date for 5 or 7 years, and only after then, get married. In addition, there are people who date for years and break up. At the same time, couples that get married after one-two month after dating live a long happy life.

How Long To Date Before Marriage

To summarize this idea, it is necessary to say that each couple is a unique story. There is no one template for everybody. Two different personalities meet and develop a common story in a unique way. However, there are signs that show that a couple is ready to become one family. Let’s see them.

1. You do not have secrets from each other. Your partner knows you better than others do.

2. You’ve become friends. Two beloved people are not only lovers. First of all, they should be friends with each other. You should treat your partner as a bosom friend, with whom you can share any problems, secrets, or plans.

3. You do not have to make an impression on each other. It doesn’t mean that love faded, and you do not have to impress your partner anymore. The thing is that your sweetheart knows you better and better with each next day.

4. You trust each other. Trust is one of the foundation stones for your family. If you can rely on your partner and trust him/her, this means that your relationship is strong enough.

5. You say “we” but not “me”, “I”. This manner of thinking appears when a person doesn’t treat his/her relationship as something short-lived or unserious. This is a clear sign that you’re on the right way to become one family.

6. You want to live together. Or you live together and understand that you’re fully satisfied with spending the most part of your life with your partner.

7. You do not divide money, duties, or problems. You treat them as your common matters.

8. You frequently visit your partner’s relatives and are in good relations with them.

9. You miss your sweetheart when he/she is not next to you.

10. You realize that you want to be by his/her side for the rest of your life.

11. If you answered yes to at least several of the above-mention questions, be sure that you’re partner is the right person for your family. Do not play for time and propose. Otherwise, the partner can lose hope.