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How to figure out your wedding budget?

A wedding is an expensive event. And when all the emotions calm down, and you’re able to assess the situation, the first question that arises is the budget and the amount of money you need to arrange the desired celebration. As we know, there is no extra money. Everybody always lacks the necessary about of money. Thus, it is important to know how to figure out your wedding budget to make your celebration celeb-worthy and cool. Let’s consider some advice:

How to figure out your wedding budget?

1. Set limits. When choosing service providers, you should clearly understand how much you can spend on each particular aspect of the event. For example, it is possible to hire musicians for $600 or $6000. It’s up to you what option to choose. But before looking through possible offers, decide what the maximum affordable cost of certain services is. For example, “I can’t afford a toastmaster who costs no more than $800”. It will be your maximum price. You can choose a service provider who costs up to the determined price.

2. Set priorities. It is important to understand what the most important aspects are for you. For example, you’re going to spend more money on dishes and the wedding menu, while saving money on decoration. Or, vice versa, the most important aspect for you is decoration but you’re ready to save money on the number of guests or a venue. The main thing is that both partners have the same vision of the wedding and their preferences. Otherwise, it will be difficult to set priorities.

3. Know the percentages. It is advisable to cut your budget into percent. What does it mean? Your wedding budget is 100%. You divided it into parts, each of which has a certain percent of the whole amount. For example, you decided that 30% of your budget you’ll leave for a venue; 20% of it is assigned for your outfits; 10% goes for decoration, and so on.

4. Know where you can save money and where to splurge. A venue, its decoration, the menu are the most important aspects of the celebration. Thus, they require more money. You should not save money on this. Decide what is of less importance for you. For example, you do not want to have live music and can save on it. Or maybe it is not necessary for you to make fireworks at the end of the wedding reception. Discuss this point with your partner.

5. Avoid debts. Remember that it is better to arrange a less expensive celebration but on your budget. It is possible to make a stylish and celeb-worthy party spending less than a fortune on the event. Try to allocate your funds and do not resort to someone else's help.

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