Spa day at home tips

Having a spa is a healthy habit. Our body needs care. Some people used visit hotels from time to ti e. Others do not have time to relax and spend several hours in a spa, and it’s a pity because our skin needs moisturizing, cleansing, and nourishing.

Spa Day At Home Tips

Nowadays, we face a situation when people are forbidden to leave their houses. Many women, accustomed to having the spa, became hostages of the problem m. They have to spend whole days indoors. Still, those women, who were busy, had an opportunity to take care of their body s. Thus, let’s consider how to have a spa at home. 1. Set the mo d. The first thing to do is to set the mo d. If you want the same atmosphere as in the spa, make sure you recreate all the stages. - Let’s start with mus c. Find suitable melodies; they should be chilling and ca m. For example, it can be sounds of nature, space, birds singing, etc. - Then, let’s recreate scents. Get a diffuser if you have one or light-smelling candles. Although eucalyptus or lavender are considered the most suitable aromas, you’re free to choose your favorite ones. - Recall what you wear to the spa. Yes, surely! Do not forget to grab your bathrobe, the fluffiest towels, and the softest slippers. Your home spa day won’t be honest without such amenities. When you put on your bathrobe and slippers, you can go to the bathroom to fill your tub with water. While it is filling, proceed to the last step of your preparation. - Go to the kitchen and make a cocktail. It can be either a fresh juice or punch. You can pour a bit of water and add some fruits or vegetables to it. Choose your favorite beverage. 2. Take a bath. The first spa procedure is taking a warm bath with essential oils and salt. Muffled light, chilling music, and pleasant scents will help create a relaxing atmosphere. Just spend some time there and do not think about routine matters. 3. A facial mask. While soaking in a tub, put a facial mask on your face. It can be a fabric mask or a homemade mask of different products. You can find hundreds of recipes for other purposes on the Internet. For example, it can be honey with banana, cosmetic clay, or olive oil. Recipes will depend on the type of your skin. 4. Exfoliate your skin. Use a special brush and a body scrub to exfoliate your body. Do not forget to apply a nourishing lotion after that. 5. Make manicures and pedicures if you can and know how to do them. 6. A massage. The massage is the last and the most pleasant procedure. If you’re alone, then you should do it yourself. It’s great if you have a partner next to you. Ask them to make the massage with essential oils. Thus, your skin will be moisturized, and all of your body will relax. By the way, if you spend this day with a partner, you can make a spa day for a couple and enjoy this time together. It can be either a friend or a husband/boyfriend.