Hidden costs to watch out for when planning your wedding

A wedding is an unpredictable holiday, and besides evident expenses, there are also those that you can inadvertently forget about. To keep you armed, we've prepared a list of hidden wedding expenses for you.

1. Appearance. A very common situation when the list of the bride’s wedding expenses unexpectedly includes

Hidden Costs To Watch Out For When Planning Your Wedding

additional costs for:

- Making a trial hairstyle, makeup, or the whole image;

- Cosmetologist services to put the skin toned and beautiful;

- Gym membership, if you suddenly did not manage to fit into the dress.

2. A bachelorette party. Yes, a bachelorette party requires certain expenses. Moreover, it does not matter where you will celebrate it (whether in a restaurant, club, cinema or at home). And even if bridesmaids pay for the event, the bride-to-be will probably want to buy a new dress for the party on this occasion.

3. Accommodation of non-resident guests. If guests come to you from another city/country, you need to take care of their accommodation. Where will they live? Book apartments in advance.

4. Transport. Guests should reach a wedding venue somehow. As a rule, they come to the registry office themselves, but what concerns the way to a banquet hall, it’s the newlyweds’ concern. So, rent the necessary number of cars in advance.

5. Children. To invite children to the wedding or not is everyone's personal business. Children will never sit still. And their parents will be busy controlling their children every second instead of enjoying the celebration. Thus, it is worth adding a children’s animator to the list of additional expenses for the wedding. The animator at the wedding can always entertain children, and all sides will enjoy the event.

6. Surcharge. If service providers are hired not for the whole day, but for certain hours, under some circumstances, it may be necessary to “extend” their working hours and, accordingly, pay extra. This point also includes tips for the staff.

7. Food. If contractors work at your wedding the whole day, they need to eat too. A photographer hung with cameras, tripods, and lenses for hours is likely to want to grab a bite. So add this point to your list of wedding expenses.

8. Weather. If the ceremony takes place in the open air, add costs of renting a tent or buying umbrellas and capes for guests. Even the weather forecast can be wrong, and the bright sun can disappear under storm clouds in a second. So, keep in mind this option if you have an outdoor registration.