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Hawaiian wedding style

A couple in love, the sound of the ocean surf, the breeze, the white sand, the sun's warmth - could anything be better than such a Hawaiian-style wedding? Moreover, it can be organized without going abroad. It is enough to get a few of the following ideas to do this.

Hawaiian Wedding Style

Hawaiian Wedding style - an organization

The venue. The ceremony will be no less beautiful if you choose to hold it on the shore of a lake, sea, or river. If your financial situation allows, you can rent a house with a swimming pool, then a wedding in the style of a Hawaiian party will be remembered by your guests.

Clothes. A sense of freedom should dominate such a holiday, giving up the traditional wedding dress and jacket with a tie. Opt for white outfits. Maybe it will even be swimsuits. The groom wears a garland woven from green leaves combined with white flowers around his neck; his beloved, in turn, wear threads of orchids and roses. It is worth noting that lovers exchange such jewelry during their first dance. If we talk about the appearance of the guests, also order flower garlands for them, with which you will meet them at the entrance to the banquet hall. Remember that your necklaces and the necklaces of the invitees should differ in color scheme. Ask men to wear shirts with a Hawaiian print, light shorts or pants, and women - with bright sundresses and swimsuits.

Hawaiian-style invitations. They should certainly be made colorful, evoking positive emotions. So, for example, on the cover of such a postcard, make a voluminous color application depicting a beach slipper, or put an invitation in an envelope with several rose petals.

Music and exotic entertainment. Rhythms and romantic sound of the Ukulele - This is what will create the right holiday atmosphere. Please your guests with master classes in Hawaiian dancing. To do this, of course, invite instructors. Do not forget about the traditional dance of the Hawaiian peoples, called "Hula." At the end of the celebration, organize a fire show.

Wedding decoration in Hawaiian style. Decorating the hall with palm leaves (preferably if they are not artificial) is recommended. Decorate the arch with them, under which the lovers, kneeling, will pronounce vows of their eternal love. If the wedding celebration is celebrated in the open air, decorate the area with torches and lanterns and place candles on floral arrangements in the pool or pond. Wrap the cutlery with coconut twine; coconut leaves will serve as a stand for the cutlery.

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