Great Gatsby inspired wedding

Of course, the main task when planning a wedding in the style of the "Great Gatsby" is to observe the atmosphere of the 20s. The whole decor of the event should be downright saturated with luxury. Flowers, gold, pearls and feathers are the main components for decoration.

Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

Every little thing is important in the thematic design. It is the attention to detail that creates that magical impression and makes the holiday unforgettable.

There is no need to be afraid to overdo it by adding textiles or other decorative elements, because luxury is, among other things, abundant. Gold dominates among all colors. It is successfully shaded by white, beige and all shades of gold, up to dark brown.

Gold is present in literally everything - both in the elements of the interior and the introduced decor. Gatsby-style flowers should also be chosen in this shade range. Gently colored roses, hydrangeas, orchids, calla lilies, carnations and chrysanthemums are well suited to this style.

Don't forget about the Gatsby-style bridal bouquet. When organizing a wedding in the style of the 20s, it is important not to lose sight of every detail – everything should be filled with the spirit of vintage luxury.

Gatsby-style invitations should be designed so that guests get an idea of the style in which the celebration will be held long before the wedding. An envelope is required. The main colors are black, gold, beige or white.

When choosing a restaurant or a Gatsby-style room, a large luxury mansion is best suited, on the territory of which there is a place not only for a garden but also a swimming pool and a fountain. This mansion can be replaced by a recreation complex, built according to the highest level, or with a restaurant. For a wedding in the style of the great Gatsby, you will need a lot of feathers, pearls, gold, jewelry, and expensive things. The most appropriate tones are black and ivory.

When planning such a wedding, make sure that the atmosphere of the 20s is fully conveyed.

An important aspect is to choose a wedding dress in the style of Gatsby. In the 20s, the silhouettes of women's dresses were cylindrical, elongated, with a feminine, natural fit of the waist, flounces and asymmetry of the hem.

A wedding dress in the style of the great Gatsby is a retro dress, which means that a small hat or headbands trimmed with rhinestones and feathers will be appropriate for the outfit.

Short but feminine hairstyles were in fashion. If you don't want to cut your long curls for a wedding, gather them into a high hairstyle, laying them in waves.

But dresses and hats for the great Gatsby wedding are not enough. I need more shoes, a purse, jewelry.

The handbag should be made in the form of a purse. A handbag should not be a modest addition to the image - rhinestones, hanging fabric fringe are very appropriate.

The bride and groom in the Gatsby style are a chic couple who know a lot about fashion. Tuxedo and bow tie, suspenders and hat, patent leather shoes will make a real gentleman of the groom.

Therefore, all these details must be kept in style - from invitations and seating cards to decorative elements and the way drinks are served, from the design of chairs to the candy bar and wedding cake.