Glamorous themed wedding ideas

Glamour, first of all, is associated with luxury, glitter, glitter, stardom, and high cost. All these comparisons are authentic. However, there is a fine line between glamour style, excess, and tastelessness. How not to cross it and organize a chic, glamorous holiday - learn from our recommendations.

Glamorous Themed Wedding Ideas

The color scheme.

Do not confuse glamour with multicolor, combining as many bright shades as possible in the decor. A glamorous wedding is primarily gold, silver, and classics - black, white, and red. Very well convey the idea of a luxurious pink, brown, and blue color if they are implemented in the decor with the help of glitter. It is a shimmering fabric and a silver/gold sprinkling of sequins on wedding decor items.

The image of the bride in the style of glamour

A glamorous wedding is a great reason a bride looks radiant, literally and figuratively! Let's talk about how to create a beautiful and stylish image that will conquer the groom and everyone present.

Glamorous Wedding Dress

Of course, every girl has different ideas about luxury and glamour. But it is important to remember: in whatever style you would not arrange a long-awaited event, the outfit should reflect your dreams. For a glamorous wedding, a magnificent princess dress or A-silhouette, embroidered with rhinestones, sequins, lace, and a strict dress with a plunging neckline, a slit on the leg, and a non-standard color - gold or silver, will suit equally well.

A glamorous wedding requires certain sacrifices from the bride, including terms of convenience. Therefore, girls can immediately forget about comfortable shoes with low heels. Do you want to look glamorous and luxurious? Then wear the most beautiful stiletto shoes! You can't do with ordinary white pumps here: it's great if they are white, silver, or gold shoes, trimmed with satin and decorated with rhinestones, stones, or pearls!

Hairstyle and makeup

A glamorous wedding gives the green light to bright images! That's right, that's right: you can slightly deviate from the standard of a gentle bride's makeup and a hairstyle in a careless bun, characteristic of many styles - rustic, fine art, etc.

Both fashionable high hairstyles, in which the hair is smoothly combed, and Hollywood waves - large loose curls will be relevant. The hairstyle can be decorated with an expensive hairpin or tiara, but do not overdo it with the number of accessories. Let them complement other decorations, without which you cannot do at a glamorous wedding. These are both beautiful earrings and neck jewelry.

A glamorous bride can afford brighter evening makeup, but it's worth checking it out in daylight. Do not forget about the rule of accents and the selection of cosmetics by type of appearance and hair color: make one thing exceptionally bright - either eyes or lips. An abundance of cosmetics, colorful eyeliner, and shadows on a street photo alley during the day may not look appropriate or even age a young one.

The image of the groom

A glamorous wedding is an important occasion for the groom to show his individuality in selecting a beautiful image. For a party, to match the long, lush outfit of the beloved, the groom can wear a stylish satin or velvet tuxedo. Do not lose sight of the velour that is trending for the style of the young 2021 - such a suit with unusual colors (emerald, cherry, etc.) looks very glamorous and fashionable!

Floristry for a wedding in the style of glam

The three basic principles for ordering wedding flowers are expensive, spectacular, and more. To demonstrate the luxury of your holiday, do not skimp on this critical design component.

The first thing that worries the bride is, of course, the wedding bouquet. Oddly enough, there are no restrictions on the form of composition for this style. But most brides still prefer the chaotic, casual, and chic freestyle. Such bouquets are large and sweeping; classic roses, peonies, and unique exotic flowers suit them.

Floristry is the best solution for a glamorous photo zone. It can be a flower wall or an unusual design of an original shape, combining mirrors, flowers, inscriptions, etc.

Wedding printing

For a glamorous wedding, the presence of expensive printing is a prerequisite. You will create the right first impression with invitations made of unusual paper, with lace inserts and ornate handwriting.

Equally crucial for glam celebrations is the presence of menu cards. A beautiful design to match other accessories and the ability to choose dishes is something that will pleasantly surprise the most demanding guests.

Sweet menu

Another luxury item of a glamorous holiday is a candy bar rich in desserts and a chic wedding cake. Desserts can be offered with unusual flavors, but choose a multi-tiered cake. By the way, do not hesitate to use false tiers of fresh flowers or other decor. Decorate a glamorous wedding cake with edible sequins, fresh flowers, garlands of edible plants, beautiful patterns, and inscriptions!

Gifts to guests

A glamorous wedding is an example of hospitality. Therefore, guests cannot do without gifts here. The author's sweets in artful design and commemorative coins can become a pleasant surprise to the guests. But soap, spices, seeds for plants, and magnets should be abandoned since these gifts do not fit into the concept of a glam wedding at all.