Glamorous art deco ideas for a Gatsby inspired wedding

The images of the 20s are again at the peak of popularity; for example, some couples prefer arranging a Gatsby-style wedding. If we characterize the style in a few words, antique cars, an abundance of decor, geometry in shapes, champagne, feathers and rhinestones, richly decorated dresses, jewelry are used for the wedding in the spirit of the Great Gatsby. But in this article, we’re going to consider the style more precisely.

Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

1. Outfits. The silhouette is characterized by an elongated and cylindrical shape. The waistline is as low as possible. Asymmetrical hemline and flounces become popular. For a solemn attire, such fabrics as silk and satin are suitable. Choose glass beads, beads, feathers, pearls, sparkles, rhinestones as decoration. If there is no decor, then the fabric itself should be brilliant. The color of the dress can be gold, silver, pastel shade of pink or blue, peach, powdery. Its length is slightly below the knee or to the floor.

In order to look like the Great Gatsby, a groom should add the following accessories to a classic black suit: a bow tie, cuff links, suspenders. To look even more aristocratic, it is possible to add a hat, watch on a chain, or a cane.

2. Decor. The decoration of the chosen wedding venue should dazzle with gold, crystals, stones, dishes, cutlery. Additional colors are selected in neutral or dark colors, so as not to overload gold shades. The Gatsby style is characterized by such decor items as photo frames, vintage candlesticks, satin fabrics. Do not be afraid to add too many elements because the Gatsby style is shine, chic, luxury everywhere. Feel free to use porcelain, crystal, sequins, confetti, serpentine, balloons. Feathers, vases on thin legs, vintage typewriters, crystal, gramophones will be appropriate at the wedding. Be sure to lay a luxurious carpet on the floor.

Pay particular attention to the lighting of the Gatsby style wedding, which will help create a special chic and glorious atmosphere. Candelabra, massive chandeliers, sparklers, garlands – feel free to use such elements. The area of the wedding ceremony can be illuminated by hundreds of bulbs hanging from the ceiling, a row of tall candles against the background of golden fabric. Decorate the path to the floral arch with sparklers that guests will ignite.

3. Tables decoration. Silver, crystal, beautiful tablecloths, draperies, fringe, champagne buckets with ice, vintage bottles – think about these details in advance. Pearl strands that combine the cutlery will be the perfect option as an elegant accent in the spirit of the Gatsby era. Pearl shades are used for guest seating cards.

Think about every nuance: items on thin, high legs should be present on the tables. Use such flowers as hydrangeas, orchids, callas, tulips to make bouquets. Elegant floral arrangements will create a feeling of luxury and aristocratic style. Vases should be transparent with crystal water or with a shiny decor.