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Glamorous clutches for the bride

The image of a bride is made up of little things. One can even have the plainest dress, but if you add a beautiful headdress, jewelry, a bouquet, and shoes, the future wife will look like a queen.

Glamorous Clutches For The Bride

While most accessories play only a decorative role or are a tribute to tradition, then a wedding clutch is the most functional and helpful item since it contains all the little things necessary for a bride during a wedding day.

There are several general requirements that an ideal wedding clutch must meet:

- In terms of colors and decor, it must match at least one of the details of the image. For example, it can be a dress, a headdress, jewelry, a bouquet, or shoes; most often, brides choose a classic white wedding clutch or the accessory of ivory color;

- It should be comfortable to wear – a clutch should have a long thin strap (preferably made from leather, not a chain) or a loop for the hand (you should have an opportunity to hide a strap or loop inside the purse);

- If the bride needs to take a lot of small things with her, it is advisable to choose a spacious clutch with solid walls so that items put in it do not bulge and deform the grip.

There are many styles of wedding clutches, among which each bride chooses the most convenient and suitable one:

1. A rectangular clutch. It is a classic version suitable for concise and elegant outfits with a sheath dress or trouser suit. This clutch looks highly restrained. It will help create a sophisticated, graceful image. If a bride chooses a restrained wedding dress without decor, a bun as her hairstyle, such a clutch will be the perfect option.

2. A clutch bag with a clasp. It is an ideal option for a vintage wedding dress. These clutches are often made of satin, soft leather, velvet, or brocade. They create a cute and delicate look.

3. A box clutch. Such a clutch has solid and rigid walls and resembles a casket in shape. It will be ideally combined with a dress of a "mermaid" cut.

4. A ball-shaped clutch. Such a clutch is ideal for a wedding dress in the Greek or Mediterranean style.

When choosing the most suitable clutch, also consider the time of year. For example, if you celebrate in winter, pay attention to a fur clutch, and for summer and spring – it is better to choose a lighter and simpler handbag made of leather or textile.

Although it is a small detail of a bride's wedding look, it plays a huge role. Thus, it is crucial to know how to choose this accessory correctly.

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