Glam wedding theme

A glam theme for a wedding is a wonderful choice for those brides and grooms who love to impress and wow people. Fancy attire, gorgeous decoration, and entertainment are the elements that will make the celebration celeb-worthy and luxurious. If you want to be in spotlights, take these ideas to implement to your big day!

This kind of style will be suitable for any season, hence you can adapt it whether your wedding is in summer or winter. The main thing is to choose the right color palette to give that seasonal vibe.

The most important step is to select the right venue. Country clubs and industrial-style spaces are nice but now what suitable for this theme. Look for a gorgeous ballroom or open terrace to add that sophisticated look to your event.

Glamour is all about elegance and lux, so you need to choose the colors that highlight it. It’s better to choose neutrals like white, beige, gray, silver, and gold base and add there some bright accents. It can be emerald, red, purple, or any other vibrant shade.

When we think about glam, it’s always something shiny so don’t forget to add some sparkle by bringing to the decoration rose gold, copper, or silver details. If you want to make something unique, then you can go for an all-white wedding decoration set up.

Starting from the invitation your guests get, you need to show what kind of celebration it will be. You can add some acrylic decor, crystals, feathers, filigrees to represent your wedding style. It’s good to mention what is the dress code so they will feel comfortable.

The main thing when you choose the decor is adding extravagant and luxury details. Starting from sparkling table clothes to opulent flower arches and shiny chandeliers, you need to find elements that will make the ceremony and reception stand out. You can also be inspired by the old Hollywood style that has pretty the same decoration options.

The easiest way to create that glamourous setting is to use fabric on the ceiling and walls. It gives a dramatic effect when it’s mixed with bright light. To make all guests look up, you can create a unique flower arrangement that is hung on the ceiling. If you want to create a more private ambiance, then instead of regular lightning you can use candles that will give that soft look.

As for the decoration, you can ask the florist to create flower compositions that look sumptuous and elegant. The new trend is to make long centerpieces that go up to the floor. To catch everyone’s eye, you can also use tall centerpieces with crystals and candelabras, that will look gorgeous.

Such flowers as roses, lilies, and ranunculuses will look luxurious and elevate your event. A cascading style bouquet will perfectly compliment a bridal look. To make it look lux, you can add shiny brooches or pearls.