Luxury garden and beach wedding venues In Dubai

Are you planning to celebrate your wedding in Dubai? This is one of the most popular destinations for engaged couples. Dubai has lots of picturesque locations. Any venue looks royal and stylish.

Most frequently, couples give preference to beach venues and outdoor garden locations. Thus, in this article, let’s see what the most beautiful and popular beach and garden venues are.

Luxury Garden And Beach Wedding Venues In Dubai

- The Ritz-Carlton. It is a trimmed lawn right by the sea. Put round tables on the lawn and decorate a registration arch. The rest is ready. Your guests will be able to observe a setting sun and an endless sea. Nature serves as the best decorator. Thus, you do not need to think about decoration. In this case, you get an excellent view just from your seat.

- Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. Arrange your outdoor registration just on the seashore. Built a portable terrace to put guests’ seats on it. Your registration arch can be right on the sand. Your silhouettes will be in the sun rays. When the sunset begins, you can admire the most desirable and lovely views. Sunrays will glare on the water. An admiring sunset will be the perfect part of the celebration. And then, you can continue celebrating under the night illumination.

- Park Hyatt. It is a piece of nature in the heart of Dubai. The park with picturesque views is situated along the seashore. Thus, it is an excellent place for arranging an outdoor registration. Greenery and flowers will surround your arch. Guests will smell the scent of flowers. An endless sea will serve as the background of your registration arch.

- Sheraton Jumeirah Beach. It is a luxury wedding venue in Dubai on the seashore. Your guests and you will be surrounded by palm trees. The place is characterized by high-level service, gorgeous place, and picturesque views. The venue has an adjoining lawn with greenery, palm trees, and a gorgeous view of the sea. Sprawling branches of palm trees will create shadows and shelter you and guests from the scorching sun.

- Dubai Creek Resort. This is one more venue that deserves your attention if you plan to organize a royal celebration in Dubai. The venue is an excellent combination of high-quality stuff, delicious cuisine, and picturesque landscapes. When the night comes, beautiful illumination decorates palm trees.

Dubai is full of worthy places. However, the above-mentioned ones head the ratings of the most popular venues among visitors. Thus, pay attention to them. Look through photos of the surroundings and choose the most suitable one.