Creative food your guests will love

If you want to impress guests and cause genuine delight, you should know one notion. The “molecular cuisine” is what will cause an impression. These are edible works of art. The essence of molecular cuisine is that the taste and appearance of dishes are different. Guests will never guess what a certain dish is made of. To make it clearer, let’s see a simple example:

Creative Food Your Guests Will Love

Everyone knows a fried egg. In molecular cuisine, there is also a fried egg. But in this case, the yolk is made of mango, and protein is a creamy jelly. Thus, you see a fried egg, but it tastes like a dessert. This is the main feature of molecular cuisine. You never know what is in front of you until you try it. However, this is an excellent way to catch your guests by surprise. Let’s see what dishes can appear on your wedding table:

1. Strawberry spaghetti

We used to eat spaghetti made of flour. Nowadays, the dish is made of fruit and vegetables as well. There is spaghetti from orange, spinach. Let’s see one more option with strawberry. For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

- 400 g of mashed strawberry;

- 25 g of thick strawberry syrup;

- 75 g of sugar syrup;

- 25 g of agar-agar.

Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil while stirring. Remove from heat and use a syringe to prepare spaghetti.

3. Caviar from orange

Squeeze the juice from one orange and strain it through cheesecloth. Add 1 teaspoon of sodium alginate. Whisk it. In a glass with water, dilute 1 teaspoon of calcium chloride. Pour a whisked juice into a confectionery syringe and squeeze drop wise into a glass of water. After the caviar is ready, rinse it with cold water to remove the bitter aftertaste of calcium chloride. You can buy sodium alginate and calcium chloride at the pharmacy.

4. Chocolate cream

Break 225 g. of good dark chocolate into pieces, add 200 ml. of water to it, and heat over a fire until it is dissolved. Now pour ice water in a large bowl, add ice, and put a bowl of chocolate water on top. Whisk the mixture with a mixer until it reminds of foam. You’ll get a delicious chocolate cream.

Generally, molecular cuisine is not the best option for home-made cooking. It requires certain skills. You can practice a lot to impress your family and friends.

But when we’re speaking about a festive event, only experienced cooks should do this job. If you want to cook something special for your wedding menu, it is advisable to hire a professional skilled cook who will perfectly cope with this task.