Popular wedding flowers

Preparation for the solemn event includes not only the choice of dress, the definition of the venue, and the photo shoot, but also the selection of jewelry and decorative elements. Choosing wedding accessories and jewelry is a real art that needs to be entrusted to experienced professionals.

Popular Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquet, Flower Decor Arrangements

Entrust the choice of floral decor to professionals in their field. They will not only decorate the wedding venue but also create a fabulous atmosphere for lovers and their loved ones, which emphasizes the romance and thrill of every moment.

They say people give flowers because they contain the real meaning of love. The main day for your couple, filled with romance, will only benefit if you decorate the place of celebration with compositions of incredible beauty and tenderness.

How to find the perfect florist? Study the portfolio, listen to the advice of a friend if you have the same tastes, or just entrust the search for a professional to our wedding planners. It is important that you are on the same wavelength as the florist.

The cost of decoration can be reduced if you choose seasonal flowers, the minimum number of sites for decoration, and the least labor-intensive style.

What bouquets are relevant for brides?

Someone believes that the composition must necessarily consist of roses, someone does not like lilies…

Now in fashion, prefabricated "bunches": will be in place at the summer wedding. If the bride's dress is suitable for decorating the composition with long ribbons– then this is also relevant this season.

Bouquets on live stems are good only if your holiday takes place in the cool season: then the plants will be comfortable. And if you find yourself in the middle of the desert with tender and unprotected creatures in your hands– it is likely that they will "get sad" in the middle of the day. For a ceremony in the height of summer, it is better to take care of the port bucket, which, of course, will be carefully hidden.

Are there any other questions? Then feel free to contact our agency, we will always help!

Wedding floristry has long been not limited to ordering a traditional bouquet for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom. It is difficult to imagine a modern wedding without floral decor, both in the open air and in a banquet hall. The main secret of the appropriateness of floral decoration is the exact hit in a given style of celebration.

Thanks to the experience of florists with whom we cooperate, harmonious and solemn compositions will be composed that emphasize the tenderness of the bride and the masculinity of the groom. Among the services that will be provided:

* Development of the general idea of decor - selection of colors, composition, implementation of the customer's wishes;

* flower photo zone and wedding arch decoration;

* making a bridal bouquet taking into account the peculiarities of the bride's look;

* Preparation of boutonnieres, bracelets for bridesmaids, table decorations, and cars;

* decorations made of fresh flowers for the bride's hairstyle.

Different materials are used for decoration and decoration. These are not only fresh flowers, but also rhinestones, shells, beads, and feathers. The choice of materials for decoration is determined by the overall style of the design, as well as the individual wishes of the newlyweds. A spectacular option would be to choose a common color for the entire event as a whole, which will be traced in flower arrangements, interior decor, bridegroom, and bride outfits.

When planning a wedding in the United Arab Emirates, you will be surprised by the number of options offered by flower specialists. There are several principles for choosing a successful wedding floristry. For example, using only fresh flowers. Unfortunately, not all companies are fully responsible for the quality of the colors used. Even the most elegant design, upon closer examination, may not be the freshest.

The quality of color fixation is also important. A wedding is a long-lasting event. Throughout the evening, flowers should be held securely – this applies to both the bride's bouquet and boutonniere, and interior flower arrangements.