Gorgeous freesia bridal bouquets

Flowers for the bride's bouquet are chosen very carefully, taking into account the fact that they should be in perfect harmony with the style of the wedding dress, maintain attractiveness and freshness throughout the wedding day, and look gentle and elegant. A wedding bouquet is an obligatory attribute that forms the image of the bride. It should not

Gorgeous Freesia Bridal Bouquets

only match the style of the celebration but also convey the feelings of the newlywed. It is important to know what a particular flower you like symbolizes. Unusual and sophisticated freesia (in other words, Cape lily of the valley) includes many qualities and is one of the most popular and beautiful flowers for creating a wedding bouquet. Freesia belongs to the iris family and looks a bit like iris flowers. The shape of bouquets, made up of extravagant freesias, can be very diverse. This unique plant looks great both in a composition with other types of flowers and in a mono bouquet. The round shape of the bouquet in the Baroque style - such a composition is in great demand and loved by many brides, in which the flowers are tightly collected in a bouquet.

Such a bouquet looks solemn and rich and fits harmoniously into any wedding look. The combination of pastel roses and freesias looks original. Falling variants of flower arrangements look very beautiful and romantic. As additions to freesia, for example, lilies or peony roses are ideal. The base of the bouquet has an oval shape, and the falling component of the composition is assembled from thin branches of beautiful greenery and flowers with long stems or elongated due to wire with a trip tape. Vertical wedding bouquets look solemn and aristocratic.

They are easy to use and comfortable. Such compositions retain their appearance well for a long time. A popular version of the bouquet in the vertical version is a combination of freesias and elegant calla lilies. Strict calla lilies look softer and more graceful due to the charm of freesias. The composition of Eustoma, complemented by freesia, emphasizes the sophistication and splendor of the wedding look. Eustoma personifies romantic feelings, and her union with wonderful freesia creates a unique sensual plexus. This is a unique combination of a traditional wedding and the addition of a lush white bridal dress.

Mono-bouquets … made from these unique plants look stylish and fashionable. They are charming and captivating with their naturalness and simplicity. Due to the fact that this plant has an interesting and unusual corolla shape, as well as a huge range of colors, freesias are perfect for creating mono bouquets. Various color options are available. For example, white flowers will perfectly complement a classic wedding dress.

For a wedding celebration organized in a specific color, you can choose compositions composed of both pastel colors and bright saturated shades. A monochromatic wedding dress will perfectly complement a bouquet of purple freesias or lilac. For a summer wedding, a composition made up of roses and freesias will be the perfect arrangement. A combination of freesias with delicate hyacinths or shrub roses can be a decoration for a spring wedding. In this case, the combination of different types of colors and shades is perceived easily and emotionally. In addition to the classic options, florists recommend a wide variety of interesting wedding bouquets. Freesias combined with white roses, collected in a small rounded bouquet, resemble a small handbag. The bouquet is complemented with a satin ribbon or beads gathered in a thread. This composition can be easily attached to the wrist while keeping your hands free. Freesias, according to the language of flowers, are simply imbued with the spirit of the wedding ceremony and emphasize the importance of the event. This flower is the personification of mutual trust, and it is on it that family building is based.

The fragility and refinement of a plant are associated with chastity and purity. In combination with other plants, one can “read” works written in the language of flowers. Bouquets made of freesia and peonies tell of mutual love, luxury, and fun. In addition, it is believed that peonies attract wealth and success. Freesias are great not only for creating a bridal bouquet but also for decorating the hall, as well as for making boutonnieres. These flowers do not lose their freshness and beauty for a long time, even without access to moisture. It is this quality that is taken into account for the flower decoration of the celebration.

It is very simple to create a boutonniere yourself: for this, you need to take sprigs of plants, herbs for decoration, wire, and tape. The flower stalks should be cut obliquely to an acceptable length. A wire should be placed along the entire length of the stem from the bud. Apply a moistened cotton swab to the cut site and wrap it with tape. The flowers themselves are fixed to each other using floristic wire. Decorating a banquet hall with freesia bouquets looks unusual and very beautiful, besides, these plants can be ideally combined with other flowers.

However, it is worth noting that you need to be careful with some colors. For example, a lot of lilies in the design can cause a rich aroma that not all guests will perceive unambiguously. But the compositions of freesia and alstroemeria will pleasantly delight others. Alstroemeria personifies the charm and tenderness of the bride.

A bouquet of these two types of flowers is a godsend for a Provence-style wedding, and other combinations allow you to use these compositions at country or gypsy boho weddings. The huge selection of flower arrangements on the modern market will confuse many newlyweds. It is quite difficult to choose the perfect bouquet that will suit your taste and financial capabilities. In this case, a freesia bridal bouquet can be a great option.

It combines beauty, freshness, sophistication, and a pleasant aroma. The only thing worth remembering: the flowering time of these wonderful plants falls at the end of summer - August. Compositions of these flowers look great in the photo and complement the image of any bride. If you want your wedding ceremony to be original, then freesia (Cape lily of the valley) is just what you need.