Foods you should never serve at a wedding reception

A wedding menu is an important part of the preparatory process. It is important to know what dishes will be on tables. It will be ideal if you can taste them and choose the most suitable ones. Thus, in this article, let’s consider what should be avoided at wedding tables.

Foods You Should Not Serve At A Wedding

1. Salads with greenery. When one dresses a salad with greenery, it can be fresh for 5-10 minutes, and then it wilts. Thus, try to serve wedding tables with dishes that do not lose their pleasant appearance over time.

2. Avoid too many centerpieces. Think about how dishes will be placed on tables and how much space is left for decorations. Do not try to take too much place with floral arrangements.

3. Garlic. It is a rather fragrant and tasty food; it is frequently used as a seasoning. But remember that it causes bad breath. It is unlikely that your guests will be glad to communicate with bad breath. Thus, try to avoid cuisines with it at your celebration.

4. Burgers, spaghetti, pasta, pizzas, and other fast food. This food is rather messy. It is not advisable to serve dishes that cause some problems while eating them. First of all, when you eat the above-mentioned products, you risk getting dirty. You’ll have messy hands, you can smear your festive clothes, etc. Secondly, you’ll look not very pretty and polite while eating such dishes.

5. Fish with bones. Seafood and fish should be serves with caution. If you add fish dishes to your wedding menu, choose fillet. Make sure that your guests won’t have to spend time on putting off fish bones and get their fingers dirty.

6. Too fragrant dishes. This point concerns not only garlic. Other seasoning and greenery, which have a strong aroma, should be avoided. Why? If your banquet hall will be full of food aromas, it will be difficult (or even unpleasant) to spend time there. Moreover, guests’ clothes will be saturated with the smell of food.

7. Too much alcoholic drinks. If you have a bar at your reception where a barman serves hard drinks, talk about the amount of alcohol for certain drinks.

8. Weather sensible dishes. It concerns a wedding cake, some deserts, jellies, etc. It is stupid to serve ice-cream/fruit ice or frozen cocktails when it is hot in a hall. The only possible option is when frozen dishes are served immediately in order to let your guests freshen up in hot weather. A wedding cake should be kept refrigerated until it’s time to cut and taste it.

9. Too fat appetizers. Remember that appetizers are designed to still hunger for a short period and leave guests cheerful and active. If your appetizers are too fat, then guests will become passive and won’t leave the place for the main dish in their stomachs.