Flowers for summer season wedding

Summer is associated with warmth, plenty of sun, a good mood, bright colors, and positivity. That is why the bride's bouquet should consist of beautiful flowers. The priority is given to yellow (dandelions), beige, cream (peonies), white (daisies), and orange (gerberas). One wedding bouquet can combine 2-3 types of flowers, no more. Otherwise, it is a sign of bad taste.

Flowers For Summer Season Wedding

You should definitely not use burgundy, black, dark blue, and other cold shades in the summer. They are best left for autumn and winter. Those who are willing to experiment should pay attention to the golden palette. Naturally, such flowers do not exist in nature; sparkles will help to create them.


A bouquet of wildflowers is a great idea for a rustic wedding style. If correctly assembled, such floral arrangements look bewitching and emphasize the purity and tenderness of the bride. What wildflowers do florists recommend for bridal bouquets?

- Daisies. The symbol of innocence and modesty perfectly complements the image of the bride and groom.

- A bouquet of poppies. Bright flowers contrast with the bride's outfit attracting guests' attention.

Important! Poppies quickly fade: you need to cut them and form a bouquet directly on the day of the celebration.

- Cornflowers. A bouquet of light, terry-like, bright blue inflorescence looks exquisite and emphasizes the tenderness of a bride.

- A centerpiece vase full of fluffy multi-colored daisies is a subtle but feminine detail.

Floral arrangements with wildflowers can be mixed with cultivated plants – irises, gerberas, peonies.

Garden flowers

These flowers are traditional for wedding bouquet decoration. However, they look perfect at weddings; it seems that they were created for wedding bouquets.

Roses. The tenderness and luxury of this flower made it the most popular for all kinds of bouquets, especially wedding ones.

Gerberas are sunny flowers of bright saturated shades, perfect for creating an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

Peonies are a magnificent beauty of the summer season. Their delicate round inflorescence accentuates a light, graceful image of the bride. Choose white or light pink flowers for a bridal bouquet.

Orchids are rarely used for bridal bouquets – perhaps, this is because of their visible fragility. However, floral arrangements with orchids look elegant and luxurious. t is one of the few flowers that can compete in beauty and elegance with roses.