Cute flower girl outfit ideas

A flower girl’s path is one of the cutest and touching moments at a wedding. It is so nice to observe one or two cure children in pretty dresses with a basket full of flower petals. They go ahead newlyweds and scatter petals. Flower girls always draw attention and cause a tender feeling. Thus, parents try to dress girls as real princesses. Let’s see how usually flower girls look like.

Cute Flower Girl Outfit Ideas

1. Dress. Flower girls always wear a fluffy-skirt dress. Usually, the garment is made of satin, chiffon, silk, taffeta, viscose, organza. Their dresses remind of a princess outfit. Usually, the dress is of a pastel light color. In most cases, the skirt is white. Light shades of pink or blue can be added. The top of the dress is of a different color as a rule. The most popular shades are pink, light blue, peach, violet. Thus, usually, the dress comprises a white fluffy skirt and a colored top. Most frequently, the color of the dress is chosen according to a wedding color palette. For example, if the celebration is decorated in white & violet palette, then, it is most likely a flower girl’s dress will have similar colors.

2. Wreath. This accessory is frequently added to a flower girl’s image. A beautiful wreath made of roses, chamomiles, and greenery will perfectly match the outfit. The wreath will make the outfit even more delicate and cute. Instead of the wreath, a band with a big flower can be used. If the flower girl has loose hair, these accessories are the best choice. Two ponytails with scrunches are one more option if you want to tie hair.

3. Belt. A belt is one more accessory that makes up the whole image. Usually, it is chosen in the color of the wedding palette. As a rule, it is a satin band with or without an artificial flower.

4. Angel wings. Sometimes, Angel wings are added to the outfit. It is an optional accessory. In this case, white Angel wings are attached to the girl’s dress on the back, and she looks like a real angel.

Basket with petals. This element is an indispensable part of the flower girl’s image. The girl always carries a white basket filled with petals and scatters them along a newlyweds’ path to the altar.

The image of a flower girl is always associated with a small cloud. Little girls in dresses with fluffy skirts remind of a princess. They are incredibly cute and sincere. It is no wonder that the moment is considered one of the most touching ones. In addition, children are associated with purity and tenderness.