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First dates length tips

To understand how long the first date should last, it is essential to realize for what purposes two people decide to meet. If we speak about online dating, people want to hear their voices, see each other in reality, assess their behavior, and mimic, touch, or even maybe kiss.

First Dates Length Tips

If we speak about people who make acquaintances in the real world, they also want to spend time together and get to know each other better. People decide to appoint a date when they are tired of mailing or telephone calls. Thus, let's see how to understand how long the first date should last.

Of course, there are no strict time frameworks. Everything is somewhat optional. A standard date usually lasts for 1-2 hours. But it doesn't mean that you can't spend time together more, or decide to go home earlier. The following tips will help choose the correct duration of a date.

1. Choose a place for a date. Remember that if you decide to have a walk on a frosty winter day, your date will last for a short period. Or you can invite a partner to a cafe after a walk to warm up and continue a conversation while drinking hot tea or coffee.

2. If you do not want to go to a cafe, be ready that 20-40 minutes will be more than enough for a date.

3. If it is a summer evening, your date is keen on walking, and you have too many everyday things and topics to discuss, your date can last for 3 or 4 hours.

4. You should keep in mind your partner's preferences. For example, if they are fond of walking, you can stroll along the streets or alleys for hours. If your partner does not like this type of activity, you should either go to a cafe or walk much shorter.

5. Shoes play a significant role. If you have comfortable shoes, you can walk longer, and if a girl chooses high heels, in most cases, she won't be able to walk for hours.

6. If you decide to meet in a cafe/restaurant/pub or any other indoor location, check their working hours so you won't be disappointed if they're closed.

7. If you don't like your partner, do not try to leave them within the first minutes. Still, be polite and try to spend time with pleasure. Your date should last at least 30 minutes.

8. If both partners are limited in time, then your date will also be limited.

9. Remember that even if you plan to spend specific minutes/hours on a date, it is not guaranteed that things will go as you plan. You can choose another date idea. You can either spend more time if you have many items to discuss and are pleased with your partner or shorten your date if you're not satisfied with communication.

10. Do not follow time and do not watch at watches all the time. Let things go on.

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