5 fashionable dress ideas for your bridesmaids

When planning the wedding ceremony, a bride thinks over everything to the smallest detail. When she determines the wedding style and choose her dress, it’s time to think about her bridesmaids’ outfits. Here are the TOP-5 fashionable ideas for bridesmaids’ dresses:

5 fashionable dress ideas for your bridesmaids

1. A transforming dress. It is the best option if your bridesmaids have different sizes and builds. In this case, they can create different models of dresses. All apparel will have a single color and type of fabrics. At the same time, every girl will be able to create a dress that will perfectly hide flaws and demonstrates the curves of their bodies.

2. A lace top with a satin skirt. It is one of classic options for the wedding style. Lace looks romantic, gentle, and airy. Satin looks elegant and festive. Thus, such a combination will be a good choice for weddings. Your bridesmaids will be able to demonstrate their beauty and create a harmonious combination with a bridal dress.

3. A Greek-style dress. Women in such dresses look elegant, graceful, and festive. They remind Greek goddesses. Thus, this style of dresses is often chosen for weddings. Such a garment is suitable for different types of women’ build and perfectly underlines their curves.

4. A bandeau dress. It is a kind of garment with open shoulders and arms. If your bridesmaids have thin arms and beautiful shoulders, they’ll be able to demonstrate the beauty of their bodies in such dresses. If necessary, such dresses can be combined with a bolero or a cape.

5. An “A-silhouette” dress. Such models are suitable for different events. They perfectly look on girls with any build. Short and long, with drapery or folds – their choice is huge! If you choose this model, you’ll look refined and elegant at the same time.

When you think over the bridesmaids’ dresses, it is important to decide what feature will unite their outfits: it can be either color of the dresses or their silhouette. The second option has already been described above.

You can set the color of clothes and let your bridesmaids choose dresses’ style themselves. In such cases, their dresses will be different but their colors will be the same or of close shades. The most popular tones are pastel blue, light pink, nude.

Choosing bridesmaids’ dresses according to gradient principle also looks fabulous. Thus, it is possible to choose apparel, for instance, from light pink to purple or from light-blue to violet. Every girl will have a different color but in combination, they’ll create a perfect match. If you set the color of dresses, make sure that it matches your wedding styling.