Fall wedding favors that guests really use

Autumn motives please an eye and admire with its scarlet, orange, and gold shades, as well as the abundance of vegetables and fruits. What to choose among such a diversity of ideas to favor your guests? Let’s list TOP-5 favors to please invitees.

Fall wedding favors that guests really use

1. Seasonal fruits. Juicy bright apples or aromatic pears will perfectly reflect the charm of the chosen season. Put them on a tray, tie a leaflet with a wish or a nice compliment to each stalk of fruit. Guests should take them away when leaving the celebration. Upon reaching a house, each guest can sit on a sofa, read your wish, and eat the fruit.

2. Soap. Autumn is rich in smells. What smell does the season have? Is it spicy cinnamon, fragrant herb, or rotting foliage that reminds you of fall? Give your guests the smell of autumn. How is it possible? It’s easy! Handmade soap will be a great favor. Prefer oils with spicy or bitter aromas. Wrap each piece of soap in felt or other craft material, tie it with string, and put it in a name box. Be sure that invitees will remember such presents for a long time.

3. A jar of jelly, honey, or homemade jam. Add coziness to your holiday. Guests will be delighted with a jar of delicious treats. Attach notes with names on each jar, wrap it in craft material, and tie it with a ribbon. Place jars in baskets and let guests take them before leaving the celebration. Be sure that such a gift will find a place on their dining tables, and invitees will recall your wedding every time during tea drinking. Other treats, such as aroma gingerbread cookies or handmade sweets, will also be great. Pack them in craft boxes, attach name leaflets, and give presents to guests. A healthy dessert will delight them while coffee drinking.

4. Umbrella. Autumn is a capricious season. The weather changes frequently, and a cloudy and gloomy landscape prevails outside the window. Thus, you can favor your guests with a thing that will help them not get wet on a rainy autumn day. An umbrella will be a good option to please invitees.

5. Blanket. When it is gloomy and rainy outside, you want to quickly wrap yourself with a warm soft blanket and listen to the sound of rain. Thus, the blanket will become the most sophisticated and useful gift for guests. They will cover with your blankets and recall how enjoyable they spent time at your wedding.

Each of these gifts carries the flavor of fall, so they are perfect for celebrations arranged at this time. They will perfectly suit the chosen design theme and become a worthy addition to the whole interior.