Edible wedding favors guests will eat up

Few weddings are held nowadays without memorable souvenirs for guests. Recently, it has become popular to present not only wedding photos but also some cute gifts. Edible souvenirs are a real trend in 2019. Now, let’s consider the best ideas for edible gifts.

Edible Wedding Favors Guests Will Eat Up

1. For traditional weddings, you can choose small boxes with sweets, macaroons, multicolored drops, or chocolate nuts. Decorate boxes or bags with lovely ribbons or cards.

2. Gingerbread, on which the names of newlyweds and the wedding date are written with glaze. It can also be packed in a craft bag or box.

3. A mix of dried fruits and nuts in a well-decorated packaging.

4. Handmade fruit jams.

5. If you arrange an eco or rustic wedding, then it is possible to choose small bottles with original olive oil. The souvenir will also look harmoniously and great at a wedding in Italian or Provence themes.

6. Jars with granola, olives, and even slices of parmesan or goat cheese are one more perfect option for rustic weddings.

7. Beverage – is a separate topic for souvenirs. It is impossible to remain indifferent to these tiny bottles of wine and champagne! In such a small container, you can pour hard drinks, for example, whiskey for a Scottish-style wedding or rum for a hot Cuban wedding. Souvenirs do not necessarily have to be alcoholic. Small aluminum jars with Coca-Cola or other fizzy drinks will also please guests, especially on a hot summer day.

8. Do not forget about the season of your wedding, because sultry summers and frosty winters suggest different ideas for gifts. In summer, fresh and juicy seasonal berries and fruits will be an excellent option for favors. It is very a tasty and inexpensive gift. And in winter, choose something warming: fragrant coffee beans, a mixture for making cocoa or mulled wine.

Remember that the way any gist is presented is an important option. Thus, it is necessary to pay particular attention to not only favors themselves but also their packaging. As it has been mentioned in the articles, the best options are to craft small bags, boxes, tiny bottles, and jars. It is even possible to choose ordinary jars but wrap them with sackcloth, and tie them with twine and this will create an absolutely opposite impression.

There is a chance that all kinds of little souvenirs presented at the wedding will be lying around the guests’ idle. But this certainly will not happen with a favor that you can eat or drink. Thus, edible gifts are the perfect option for guests.