European style wedding ceremony planning tips

A European-style wedding celebration combines elegance, an extraordinary atmosphere, and the refined taste of a young couple. Using European taste, newlyweds have the opportunity to bring to life the most daring and interesting ideas. The main requirement for a European wedding is precise timing. The wedding day is very busy, so it is especially

European Style Wedding Ceremony Planning Tips

important to distribute the time in such a way that everything is on time and not allow annoying overlaps.

As a rule, couples in love who do not want a traditional Russian feast opt for a European-style celebration. General information The main difference between such a wedding and a Russian-style celebration is its restraint. As a rule, European weddings are measured and decorous. The main elements of the script, in addition to being carefully thought out, have been rehearsed many times. In this case, the topic of the ransom of the bride and the theft of the bride and groom is completely excluded. Most often, the European style provides for on-site registration.

The festive decor of such an event must be approached especially carefully - it must be understood that this option excludes the use of simple decorations, and everything must be organized at a high level. A European-style wedding celebration involves:

- the work of specialist decorators, wedding planners, etc.;

- onsite marriage registration and wedding ceremony in one day;

- obligatory participation in the wedding ceremony of children. Usually, girls should sprinkle the paths leading to the flower arch with rose petals, and the boy's duty is to present the youngsters with a pillow with wedding rings;

- the presence of several bridesmaids, as well as a company of friends of the groom (in contrast to Russian traditions, where there is one witness from the side of the bride and the groom). Bridesmaids should be dressed in outfits of the same color, or better, of the same style, while the color should be in harmony with the shade of the elements of the bride's wedding attire. The same requirements apply to the outfits of the groom's friends;

- instead of the rite of kindling the "family hearth" - lighting the candle of unity, immediately after the marriage;

- accommodation of guests not at a common table, but at separate ones (no more than ten people), while there must be seating cards for guests;

- the ability to choose any wedding theme;

- a lack of a toastmaster with a scenario based on contests or games. A presenter is invited to celebrations of the European plan, whose main responsibility is to coordinate the event (for example, he announces the first dance of the newlyweds or the next entertainment show).

To organize such a celebration, first of all, you need to choose the style of the event and decide on the color of the celebration, and only then start organizing the wedding decoration and choosing the decor. It is best if these issues are dealt with by professionals. Very often, such events are held in the open air: in a park, a beautiful place on the sea coast, or at the foot of a mountain. In addition, the place for the ceremony can be a hotel, inn, or an expensive restaurant.

As a rule, a plentiful feast is not typical for a European wedding; the main attention is paid to the beautiful decoration of the banquet hall, as well as the serving of dishes. Such an event can be organized in the form of a buffet table or a banquet. A buffet table is often arranged if the newlyweds do not have enough time, for example, they go on a honeymoon trip. In this case, the event lasts several hours. The banquet is usually organized after the ceremony.

It is not customary to say a lot of toasts at a European-style wedding, however, guests can leave their wishes in a special book. This kind of wedding involves expressing gratitude to the guests for attending the event. Each guest receives a mandatory present, as a rule, it is a beautifully decorated bonbonniere. The wedding can be:

- Colored. As a rule, a European-style celebration is characterized by the use of a color scheme of calm tones.

Bright shades can be used, but in limited quantities, to highlight any accent. In the selected shades, they make invitations, decorations for the wedding procession, seating cards for guests, a wedding cake, and, of course, a bridal bouquet. In the outfits of the newlyweds, shades of the main "wedding" color should also be present.

- Thematic. For example, if you have chosen an eco-style, then this should be expressed in every little detail - from invitations to decorating a banquet hall. Ideally, your guests will support the theme and dress in outfits that match the "color" of the wedding.

An important point is the design of the place intended for the ceremony. The centerpiece of a European-style wedding is naturally the flower arch. Decors can be very diverse, however, most often, wedding decorators use fresh flowers and the finest fabrics. The arches are designed taking into account the wishes of a couple in love, it can be a chic arch, or it can be a modest sophisticated version, no less original. At such a wedding, a place for spectators should be organized.

The big advantage of on-site registration is the design of the so-called auditorium. Comfortable seating allows guests to get the most out of their wedding ceremony. The banquet hall is worthy of special attention. The young couple plans the seating of the guests in advance, so each guest is handed his own table number. As a rule, married couples and bachelors are seated separately. The tables can accommodate four to ten people. A separate table is laid for the newlyweds, which is located on a small podium.

The scenario of a European wedding implies the presence of live music, without fail, as well as unobtrusive communication of the guests invited to the celebration. Tips Do not forget about the wedding procession. The chosen style obliges the use of executive class cars for the motorcade. All cars are decorated in the same style, as a rule, fresh flowers are used. The car for the newlyweds is decorated, in addition, with certain symbols.

Organization of a European-style wedding, as well as its decoration, is not an easy process, however, the result is worth it. As for the outfit of the newlyweds, it is, of course, more focused on the wishes and tastes of young people, but ideally:

- for the groom, this is either a classic suit with a mandatory tie (bow tie) or a tuxedo;

- for the newlywed - a long dress (most often white) with beautiful decorative trim, preferably with a train and a long veil.

As a rule, the European style provides for an outfit with a shallow neckline and closed shoulders. A wedding bouquet can be made using expensive luxurious flowers, or as a composition consisting of field options. Sometimes beads or ribbons are used to decorate the legs. If you want to surprise your friends, then a European wedding is what you need! The culmination of such a celebration is a wedding cake and breathtaking fireworks display.