Essential wedding planning tips

When two people decide to become one family and a girl answers “Yes”, the most nervous and important period begins. Preparation for a wedding implies so many details and tasks that it is easy to forget about something.

Essential Wedding Planning Tips

1. The first point is to make a list of necessary tasks and duties. Before you start preparation itself, take a notepad and write down everything you should do in the following months. Over time you will add new notes to this list. You should write down your wedding budget and specify how you can allocate this money. For example, we have a total amount of $8000. $1200 is for a bride’s outfit, $800 is for a venue, and so on. The idea is that you should look for photographers, coordinators, stylists, etc., which you can afford and pay for their services.

2. Make a guest list. Discuss how many guests you want to invite. Depending on this point, you’ll understand what location you need. If you want to have a great celebration with hundreds of invitees, then it is reasonable to rent a cottage house or a restaurant. If you want to celebrate with the closest people, then you can choose a cafe.

3. Decide on the style of a wedding. You should clearly understand what theme you want to have. This will influence further preparations. Newlyweds’ outfits, a dress code, decoration will depend on the chosen style.

4. Do not postpone choosing a wedding dress. Remember that if you want to sew it in a sewing studio, then it takes several weeks or even months to create a wedding dress. Even if you buy a ready-made garment, usually, in wedding stores, they have a test dress. And if you want to buy it, they order it from a manufacturer. Thus, in any case, you should wait for several weeks.

5. Plan your honeymoon in Dubai. Do not treat this part of a holiday as an additional matter. First of all, tickets and hotels should be booked in advance. Moreover, if you arrange an event in a hot holiday season. Secondly, as the wedding day comes closer, you’ll have plenty of other tasks. There won’t be time for one more duty. Thus, it is better to cope with it in advance and be sure that this issue is solved.

6. Hiring a wedding coordinator will be a wise decision. This is a person who is entitled to control the whole preparatory process. This will help you forget about a vast part of your responsibilities and not to get nervous.

7. When choosing a toastmaster, a photographer, a stylist, and a hairdresser look through their portfolios. Do not take on trust.